The Warning Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic, debilitating disease characterized by the compulsive consumption of alcohol. Alcoholics will display certain mental and physical characteristics that should be viewed as the warning symptoms of alcoholism. Tolerance is needing more and more alcohol to get to the level of intoxication the addict desires. This is evident when the addict drinks more alcohol than others without displaying the typical signs of drunkenness. When the addict continues to drink larger and larger quantities of alcohol, he or she will develop a physical dependency on it. The addict’s body will crave alcohol and when not drinking, the addict will experience symptoms of withdrawal.
When the effects of intoxication have worn off, the addict will undergo withdrawal. The mental symptoms of withdrawal include:

  • irritability
  • anxiety
  • depression

along with physical symptoms like:

  • exhaustion
  • sweating
  • loss of appetite
  • headaches
  • nausea and vomiting

The inability to control how much you are drinking, even against your better judgement, is another sign that indicates to alcohol addiction. The addict may desperately want to stop using alcohol but the cravings may be too strong and the feelings of withdrawal uncomfortable, so the addict will continue to drink. If the addict doesn’t receive treatment, his or her health will continue to decline, which could lead to liver failure or in some cases, even death.

Alcoholism treatment is a comprehensive effort; meaning that it requires medical supervision, therapy or counseling, and peer group support. An alcoholic that receives complete medical and therapeutic help will be more resilient and less prone to relapse.

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