How FMLA Benefits Can Help Your Family When You Enter Rehab

Many people in recovery that go into a substance abuse treatment facility have a job or full time employment and can enter drug and alcohol rehab because of their employment. Medical benefits provided by their employer includes the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) that allows individuals with substance abuse and addiction issues to enter inpatient rehab without the worry of losing their jobs. FMLA provides job security for anyone seeking drug and alcohol treatment without the constant fear of getting fired. Learn more about how FLMA benefits can help your family when you enter rehab.

FMLA does not only cover men and women in drug rehab but family members who are caring for a loved one that is in treatment as well. If someone in recovery is worried about who will care for their children while they seek the substance abuse help that they need, this piece of legislation will cover family members, such as their husband or wife. For instance, a patient’s spouse could potentially miss work to care for their children but with the help of FMLA legislation, the patient’s spouse wouldn’t have to worry about being dismissed from their job. FMLA relieves the burden of caring for a loved one while he or she is in treatment and makes it easier to take care of the patient’s affairs, such as arranging care for the patient’s children during the duration of drug and alcohol treatment.

More so, the same benefits are being extended to same-sex couples as well. Under the Family and Medical Leave Act, gay and lesbian couples can care for their spouses if they enter substance abuse treatment. This legislation also applies to states where same-sex marriage is not recognized, meaning that if the patient lives in a state that doesn’t accept same-sex marriage they will still receive the same federal benefits that heterosexual couples do.

With FMLA legislation, no one should have to pick between providing a loved one with the care that he or she deserves while they seek help for substance addiction and being a good employee. FMLA benefits are available for every family, regardless of where they live, whether they are heterosexual or same-sex couples.

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