John Hamm “Mad Men” Star Checks Out Alcohol Addiction Rehab

Beloved “Mad Men” actor, Jon Hamm, has completed a 30-day stint in Connecticut for his alcoholism treatment. Hamm checked himself in to the high-end Silver Hill Hospital for rehab at the end of February. News of his alcohol addiction comes just a week before the series finale. The anticipated second half of Mad Men’s seventh and final season premieres on AMC on April 5.

Jon Hamm plays the aggressive and troubled successful account executive, ‘Don Draper’ on the hit television show. He says in his real life he does not want to take that character home. Ironically, Hamm truly has been answering questions about the similarities and/or differences between himself and Draper – the booze-fueled, womanizing, man he plays on TV. Hints that greater issues were at play have surfaced here and there, with Hamm usually the one suggesting that he himself has plenty of flaws, if not necessarily the same ones as his character.

He says: “I don’t drink as much as Don Draper, I would be unconscious if I did.”

Rehab is a word used a lot, and not just in Hollywood. There are many reasons for it, such as substance abuse and mental health. Drug rehabilitation and alcohol dependency are very difficult challenges. Trying to heal, while also learning necessary skills to move forward can be exhausting. It is when addicts, like Hamm, accept they need help that recovery can happen through alcohol addiction recovery treatment services. Representatives for Hamm say: “With the support of his longtime partner, Jennifer Westfeldt, Hamm recently completed his struggle with addiction. They have asked for privacy and sensitivity going forward.”

Rehab can provide the tools required for successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Education about the addiction process is presented from a social, environmental, and biological standpoint. The counselors in rehab are trained to provide recovery guidance. Individual and group therapy can also help and have proven to be effective. When addicts are surrounded by encouraging individuals who are going through the same situations, it leads to a positive outcome.

The support from others in rehab can set up a person for future success. Besides a successful life, turning to rehab can save a former addict from spending all his or her money on drugs or alcohol. In turn, it will improve health and safe his or her life.

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