If you are looking for some entertainment this weekend, why not spend some time with loved ones watching a movie!? After all, nothing ends a night like some popcorn and a good show. There are plenty of inspiring ones – from the latest to the classics. This week’s recommendation is “The Basketball Diaries”. Yes it’s from 1995, but it remains a well-known movie about addiction recovery to this day. 

The movie is inspirational and motivational, and the storyline will have you hooked from the very first few minutes (not to mention, Leonardo DiCaprio is the main character). DiCaprio plays high-school basketball star, Jim Carroll. In the film, Jim is consumed by his life as a star athlete, the pressures of his wicked coach, and the pressures of his overpowering mother. Because of these stresses, he develops a heroin addiction and his priorities shift. His passion for basketball gets replaced by the streets of New York City where he and his “friends” steal drugs and even prostitute themselves for drugs. Jim’s only chance to escape his addiction and regain sanity may be with help from his neighborhood friend, Reggie. For fear of spoiling the rest, you will have to watch the movie for yourself.

“You’re growing up. And rain sort of remains on the branches of a tree that will someday rule the Earth. And it’s good that there is rain. It clears the month of your sorry rainbow expressions, and it clears the streets of the silent armies… so we can dance.” -Jim Carroll


Why Pressured and Stressed People (like Jim) Turn to Drugs or Alcohol:

Well think about it. The world today is full of new stresses and strains that humans have never experienced in the past. It starts from childhood with the pressures of getting good grades, making the top sports teams, becoming the lead in the school plays, and so on. It doesn’t stop there. As we grow, we have the pressures from family and friends who have opinions of who we should be/what we should do, etc. There’s also the money factor, the career factor, and the sanity factor. It really is all a “balancing act”.

So obviously, many people can relate to the stresses Jim goes through in the movie. Many things in life are now easier than ever, but they come with high burdens. Some drugs are viewed as a means of relaxation – a way to calm the storm in peoples’ minds. But there are SO MANY other healthy ways to maintain stress levels and enjoy relaxation as well.

For example:

Be Present. When you are feeling overwhelmed, take five minutes and focus on only one behavior. Live in the moment. Notice how the air feels on your face when you are walking. Enjoy the taste of each bite of your meal. Not every day is perfect, but you can find little bits of happiness in each day.

-Reach Out. Talk to people you trust (those who do not cause you stress) and share what is going on. This will give you a fresh perspective on what you are thinking. Enjoy a fun activity with these people too! Life is meant to be enjoyed.

-Breathe Deeply. This helps alleviate stress when you are dealing with an annoying coworker, a hurtful comment from a loved one, a bad day, etc. Just breathe! Doctors say that deep breathing counters the effects of stress by slowing down the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It allows you to focus and feel less tense.


So keeping these things in mind – have a great weekend. Check out the movie for this week: “The Basketball Diaries”, and get some relaxation in!

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