Inpatient Drug Rehab

The most effective way to help someone recover from drug addiction is through the help of an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility. These facilities offer many levels of treatment that cover the physical, psychological and emotional needs of the patient. Positive feedback and encouragement are reinforced daily which allows the patient to heal from shame and guilt. In addition, inpatient rehabilitation centers have physicians and medical specialists that can help addicts during the detoxification process by minimizing any withdrawal symptoms one may experience. Recovery can be an easier process when someone knows they are safe and in experienced hands.

Physical Benefits of a Drug Rehab Facility

Going through the withdrawal of drug dependence and addiction is a difficult and arduous task. Because of this, many people fail in their attempt to recover when they try to go it alone. Having the support of an experienced and knowledgeable medical team to assist the patient is a valuable asset. The team will explain the process to the patient and administer the appropriate medications to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. The patient is also given the proper nutrition, which is often severely lacking in an addict, to strengthen the body and help it heal.

During their stay in an inpatient drug rehab facility, the patient is monitored closely and kept as physically comfortable as possible. Inpatient methods of treatment will also address symptoms of fatigue, vitamin/mineral deficiency and other health problems. By stabilizing the patient’s physical body, the medical team can stop the progression of disease that is caused by the drugs and can often reverse it. For people who suffer from co-morbidity, a dual diagnosis is given for treatment to be most effective.

Because every patient is unique, they will experience different withdrawal patterns. Withdrawal symptoms will vary depending on what drugs were taken. Some common withdrawal symptoms are sweating, racing heartbeat, tremors, nausea, vomiting, breathing problems and diarrhea. More severe symptoms are seizures, stroke and heart attack. By being closely monitored by an experienced medical team, the patient has the best chance of getting through the withdrawal process successfully.

Psychological Benefits of a Drug Rehab

Drug addiction devastates not just the physical body but also wreaks havoc on a person’s mental, emotional and psychological state of mind. A calm and supportive environment, such as an inpatient drug rehabilitation facility, is the first step in psychological well being. Inpatient rehabs offer the patient a variety of treatments that address the initial need to start taking drugs. Education on the patterns, behavior and triggers of drug addiction help the patient understand the psychological reasons that lead to drug addiction. The patient will learn new coping skills to handle emotional and psychological trauma, stress and triggers.

Another important key to recovery is the necessity of support and accountability groups, counselors and therapists once the patient has left the rehab facility. Aftercare is most crucial to the success of recovery when the patient returns home to a safe and drug-free environment. The positive support of family and friends will help the patient on days when he/she is not feeling psychologically strong. Positive reinforcement and encouragement will help the patient transition through difficult and emotional moments. A well-rounded inpatient drug rehabilitation will make sure each patient is aware of the aftercare groups and organizations available to them upon discharge.

Psychological healing is a long-term process and no unrealistic goals or expectations should be placed on the patient. Love, patience, encouragement and endurance are what the patient needs to recover. There are many inpatient rehabilitation facilities that offer the sophistication of hospital level care combined with experienced mental health professionals to ensure all aspects of addiction are addressed. These facilities provide the recovering addict with a supportive environment plus experienced and skilled medical personnel. It is for these reasons that an inpatient drug rehabilitation center is the most effective and successful option for the recovery and healing of a drug addict.

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