Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers in Florida

Far too many Americans are struggling with alcohol and drug related problems. According to the Drug Abuse Warning System (DAWN), there were approximately five million drug and alcohol related hospital emergency room visits in 2009. These visits involved the use of illicit drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol or any combination of them taken together. Adverse reactions to drugs and alcohol abuse is increasing across the board in the U.S. Heroin, cocaine and marijuana abuse problems head the list in hospital emergency room visits, followed by amphetamine, methamphetamine, PCP, ecstasy and others. Alcohol abuse is believed to be more prevalent than what is actually reported. In many of the cases that are reported, alcohol is used in combination with analgesics, stimulants, sedatives, cocaine, marijuana, antidepressants, anti-psychotics and heroin.

The State of Florida has seen a significant amount of drug and alcohol related problems, with usage and deaths rising higher than the National average. In Florida, drinking alcohol has become commonplace among all age groups, even the young. The more socially acceptable drugs and alcohol become, and the more easily accessible they are to get, the greater the impact on young people being more willing to experiment with them. Over fifty percent of Florida’s teenagers have admitted to trying alcohol and marijuana, and to a lesser degree have tried cocaine and other drugs.

Florida’s population is experiencing a huge drug and alcohol problem. There are many people who need alcohol and drug rehabilitation and behavioral treatment therapies. To address these needs, the State has some of the best rehab facilities in the U.S. with experienced and licensed medical professionals on staff.

Addiction Treatment Programs

The first and most important stage of recovery is the detox process. Florida’s rehab centers offer safe and effective methods of detox and withdrawal treatments. The patient is monitored throughout the process and their status may constantly be re-assessed.

As drugs and alcohol are slowly being removed from the patient, their body and mind is struggling to readjust to functioning without the offending substances. This causes a variety of withdrawal symptoms and each person will experience the process differently. Medically assisted detox is available to help the patient through the detox process by easing or completely eliminating withdrawal symptoms.  

The next phase of alcohol and drug rehabilitation in Florida rehab centers is psychological counseling and therapy. Individual counseling will dig deep to uncover the reasons why the patient began taking drugs or alcohol. These reasons can vary from social drinking, stress from school or work, marital or family problems, grief, physical illness, low self-esteem, co-occurring mental disorders etc. Psychological behavioral treatment is necessary to learn, understand and be equipped to cope with these problems without the need to turn to drugs and alcohol.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol is a progressive disease that will eventually destroy the life of the addict and possibly those people closest to them. That is why it is so important to include behavioral treatment in alcohol and drug rehabilitation. The patient will learn about addiction and how it affects their thoughts and behavior. New ways of thinking and acting will assist the patient in overcoming any problems with drugs and alcohol.

Other programs that Florida rehab centers offer include family counseling. This program helps the patient mend fences with their loved ones and build stronger bonds and happy memories. Group counseling is another program that will help the patient become more sociable again, because addiction to drugs and alcohol causes isolation and loneliness.

Another wonderful program offered at many of Florida’s rehab centers is spirituality. By practicing one’s faith, the patient finds peace, hope and solace. Spirituality is one of the most empowering alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatments that a recovering addict can receive. When combined with behavioral treatment and other therapies, the patient is holistically brought back into balance and is ready to begin living again.

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