Synthetic Drugs in Vapes Have Led to Hospitalization

Vaping is done by using an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) device which is a personal vaporizer (PV). When the user takes a puff from the PV, they inhale an aerosol called vapor. PVs have a heating element that atomizes a liquid solution that usually contains water, nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol and flavorings. The device has become very popular among people who want to stop smoking, but others use the device recreationally. PVs have become a $2 billion annual industry, and the word “vape” was chosen as the word of the year in 2014 by Oxford Dictionary. The invention came out of China and most PVs are still manufactured there. Laws regarding medical drug policies and tobacco laws are being discussed in regard to the use of PVs. Some countries have already enacted new use and safety laws regarding PVs. Health safety issues of PV use have not yet been determined.

PV use involving illicit drugs is a much more serious concern and is adding more stress to America’s drug problem. Liquid solutions containing prescription and illicit drugs are now being used in PV devices. Vaping has made it easy to use some of the new and dangerous synthetic drugs that have flooded the internet and black market. Some of these illicit drugs are: synthetic cannabis, hash oil, bath salts and psychedelics. The use of VPs among American high school and college students has risen above the number of those who smoke cigarettes. This fact makes it apparent that they are using PVs for recreational use.

The new liquid form of synthetic cannabis is being marketed under new names that are constantly changing. Some of the new liquid cannabis is being sold under names like Crown, Mad Hatter, Bizarro, Cloud 9, Shisha, and Hookah Relax. The reason for the constant name changes is to cause confusion about what is actually being sold. The active ingredients in these products are never revealed. Some people have examined synthetic cannabis and state that the active ingredients are AB-FINACA and AB-FUBINACA. The sale of synthetic cannabis is on the rise online along with synthetic spice.

The mixing of different ingredients into a liquid solution is easy and creates new drug varieties that can be very dangerous. Hospital emergency rooms across America are seeing an increase of teens admitted for overdose of synthetic drugs. Drug problems are becoming worse because many users are mixing synthetic cannabis with hash oil and a psychedelic. These concoctions are extremely dangerous and very risky to those people who are vaping for the first time. The reason that vapes are so popular among the young is that it tastes good and doesn’t burn the throat. It creates a more potent high, does not smell and its use is very easy to conceal.

The Center for Disease Control’s new study has determined that PV use has more than tripled among middle and high school students who are posting themselves on YouTube using their PV. The drug problem and chemical dependence in America is so great that patients in the ER at hospitals are being caught vaping in their beds. The sale of PVs is not restricted as drug paraphernalia and their use is growing among the young. They will just add to the growing drug problem in America, and anyone with a chemical dependence will be tempted to use them.

PV users are sharing their ingredients and formula information online. It is easy to gain information on how to mix drugs in vapes for PV use. Some of the drugs being used are: cannabis, magic mushrooms, spices, peyote, Percocet, hash oil, amphetamines, heroin, Flakka, Ritalin, LSD, Xanax and more. There are different methods used to create drug solutions for PVs, and it is apparent that it has become common knowledge among people with a chemical dependence. Vaping poses a threat to anyone who abuses drugs, especially the young who are using it to take extremely dangerous synthetic drugs.

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