Managing Stress and Anxiety during Christmas and New Year’s

Holidays and stress are synonymous. Holidays bring along lots of different reasons for stress, and recognizing these reasons may help to alter the outcome. Managing stress and anxiety during Christmas and New Year’s can be challenging for a recovering addict. Having goals and a set plan can prevent you from losing focus and resorting to using drugs or alcohol.

Have a Set Plan

Holiday parties can also mean being around toxic people who have no regard for other people’s feelings. Prepare yourself in advance for how you will conduct yourself if there is an encounter with one of these types of people. You can easily excuse yourself and move to a safer location if you find yourself the victim of someone’s insensitivity. You may also choose to assert yourself in a loving way and let the person know that this is an inappropriate time and place for the discussion. If you fear the worst scenario will occur, prepare beforehand by having a trusted family member or friend come to your aid.

Take Care of Your Body

Because there is so much to do during the holiday season, people often don’t get enough rest or eat well. Their immune system starts to weaken and they may get a cold or the flu. If you are physically weak or sick, you will be very vulnerable to any type of stress. Take measures to get enough rest and eat nutritious meals everyday. Also, take vitamin/mineral supplements if needed to keep you strong. Try to stay as calm and relaxed as you can during stressful times, and don’t over-do it. Know your physical and mental limits and live by them.

Concentrate on Your Priorities

Don’t let other people’s expectations and demands ruin your holiday. If you find that you cannot do something that someone else expects from you, just let them know that it is out of the question. If you find that keeping special family traditions also brings on more added stress, just let them go. Only do the things that you want to do and that give you pleasure. Let everything else fall by the wayside, and you will have a happier, less stressful holiday. Decide what people and things are important to you and focus on those things. Stress and anxiety can be minimized if you make an effort to plan ahead and only do what you think is important. Remember that calm and happy people make pleasant company during the holidays.

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