White Sands Treatment Center Observes Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week

Annual week long observance reaches out to children affected by parents with addiction

February 17, 2016 – The White Sands Treatment Center is excited to take part in a very important awareness campaign, the Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week, happening from February 14 – 20, 2016. This special weeklong observance takes place every year through efforts by The National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACoA) and aims to offer hope to teenagers and children whose lives are being impacted by a parent or parents who are struggling with addiction. The mission is to call caring adults to be proactive, learn more about the signs of addiction, and offer hope and help to children who are living with and influenced by an addicted parent. The campaign’s slogan is, “Become the star in the life of a child,” inviting loving adults to shine brightly and stand as a beckon for children by modeling health behavior and demonstrating options that involve healthy living.

This weeklong observance is vital as many adults are unaware of the statistics and figures of children living with parents who are struggling with addiction. According to NACoA’s 7 Facts about COAs” factsheet, two babies are born to addicted parents every second of every hour of every day! In addition, forty-three percent of U.S. adults have been exposed to alcoholism in their family and an estimated 18.25 million children are currently living in a home with a family addiction issue. Because of the seriousness of these statistics, it is up to a concerned adult to take action and be the shining light in the life of a child. Numerous studies show that just one supportive adult who reaches out to a child or teen and stands as a strong role model can positively change the course of that child’s life.

For instance, neighbors of that child, who are armed with the knowledge that he or she might be living in a home filled with chaos due to addiction, may be vital to that child’s safety. Aunts and uncles can also play an important role in supporting their nieces and nephews. Children need to be aware that there is a safe place to go should they need one and that “safe” people who can be trusted are nearby. It is also crucial that faith and educational leaders learn more about addiction. Through the love of caring adults who show support and model healthy behaviors to these children, a child at risk can become a child of promise.

To become more involved in the Children of Alcoholics Awareness Week and/or learn more about addiction, children of parents who are addicted, etc., visit NACoA’s awareness website link

If you know a parent who is in need of drug or alcohol detox and rehabilitation, learn more about treatment options at The White Sands Treatment Center. We offer holistic programs that use multi-faceted approaches to addiction and rehabilitation. We understand the unique needs of parents who are living with addiction and how addiction could be harming not only themselves but also their family.

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