Crystal Meth Treatment Florida

Crystal Meth Treatment Florida can help you turn your life around through comprehensive and proven therapy models.

About 11 million people in the United States have tried crystal meth at some point in their lives, with a rate of about 1.3 million using it at least once each year. Of these annual users, roughly half will use meth at least once a month. Crystal meth treatment Florida can help you get back on track to recovery. Treatment programs designed to treat addiction include medical detox, individual and family therapy, alternative treatment options, relapse prevention training and aftercare programs.

How a Meth Addiction Forms

The euphoria that meth induces is caused by preventing dopamine and serotonin in the brain from returning to their receptors for long periods of time. The trouble with this is that the brain eventually becomes dependent on meth for feelings of pleasure. An addiction has developed when the user feels powerful cravings for the drug and feels strong withdrawal symptoms if they go too long without it.

Crystal Meth Detox

“Cold turkey” is not an option with a meth addiction. The cravings and potent withdrawal symptoms will quickly draw addicts right back into using the drug. Medical assistance is required. The process begins with a detox period of up to a week, usually followed by a period of residential treatment. During this time, addicts get needed medical attention and assistance with putting a long-term plan in place to manage their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Crystal Meth Treatment Florida

Meth creates a powerful addiction that can occur on the first use of the substance. Individuals can continue to use it until they overdose and die. Professional treatment is needed to help these users through the uncomfortable period of withdrawal, Contingency management methods that include individual counseling, family counseling, education, drug testing and 12-step support can help these individuals resume their normal lives. Relapse rates for meth addiction are high, as much as 90 percent, but repeated treatment efforts can be successful in maintaining sobriety.

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