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Alcohol treatment Florida is geared for the recovery from alcohol abuse and the disease of alcoholism. Alcohol treatment Florida facilities offer comfortable accommodations for the duration of the patient’s stay. Qualified treatment specialists counsel and perform therapeutic services which educate patients on alcoholism, alcohol use disorders, and how to forge a new path on which to build their recovery. Additionally, in an Alcohol Treatment Florida center, patients will gain an understanding of how their addiction formed and be evaluated for any underlying disorders that could be encouraging alcoholism or developed from alcohol abuse. Alcohol addiction treatment addresses the disruptive behaviors associated to alcohol abuse and the chemical changes the occur in the brain which develop the dependency.

Alcoholism is defined as having a dependency on alcohol; addiction. It is a chronic disease that knows no bounds, effecting a large number of the general population. This disease is also progressive in nature. This meaning once tolerance has developed, the damage has been done. The chemical changes that the disease causes, and the damage to the neurotransmitters is permanent. It is also noted that even with long-term abstinence, if a recovering addict resumes use, they are addicted at the same level as they were when use stopped. There is no starting over to get it right. Alcoholism is one of two alcohol use disorders (AUD); the other being alcohol abuse.

Abuse has been defined as heavy and consistent drinking the detriment of one’s health, interpersonal relationships, and familial, social, and community obligations. Abuse is noted to manifest itself in the following ways:

  • Unfulfilled major responsibilities at home, work, or school.
  • Hazardous drinking behavior such as driving under the influence or operating machinery.
  • Legal problems. Related problems include arrests, financial problems that can lead to eviction or cause other issues, physical altercations.
  • Continuing to drinking despite problems with interpersonal relationships caused, or worsened by, drinking.

The signs and symptoms of alcoholism as expressed by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) include “A strong craving for alcohol, continued use despite repeated physical, psychological, or interpersonal problems, and the inability to limit drinking.”

As you can see, alcohol abuse consists of a major portion of the negative consequences of drinking. The difference in the two conditions is the depth of dependence. Alcoholism encompasses the same signs as abuse, but goes further to include a loss of control over drinking and the mental and physical aspects that cause symptoms of withdrawal when use stops.

Intervention by friends and loved ones may become necessary if the identified abuser, or alcoholic, is unable to come to terms with his or her drinking on their own. The cloud of addiction often renders users helpless against the addiction. A professional in the field of intervention can be of great help with the process. Intervention attendees will be educated about the effects of addiction that has taken control over the alcoholic, learn how to approach the subject and how to express themselves, and what to expect from the intervention.

Alcohol Treatment Florida offers help for Withdrawal and Detox:

The process of withdrawing from a severe alcohol addiction is termed “alcohol withdrawal syndrome.” Symptoms vary by individual and are relative to the stage of disease development, tolerance level, and the patient’s physical health. Symptoms may present as nausea, vomiting, headache, uncontrolled shaking, body aches and pain, profuse sweating, and overall anxiety and discomfort. The more serious symptoms that can occur are seizures, rapid heart rate, hallucinations, and delirium tremens (DT’s).

It is recommended that the process of detoxing be supervised by medical personnel. The serious symptoms noted can quickly become an emergency, requiring stabilization. The delirium tremens, in particular, are dangerous and can be a threat to the life of the patient.

Alcohol Treatment Florida helps patients overcome both the physical and mental dependence:

Treatment concentrates on educating and training the patient on the disease, ways to help maintain their sobriety, relapse prevention techniques, and the need to reconcile their former behaviors and the hurt that the disease has caused to themselves and others. Alcohol treatment Florida offers both inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Most treatment models include cognitive-behavioral therapy that works to heal addicted thought patterns and change behavior. Individual counseling, as well as group counseling, offers the patient time to explore their own personal trauma in addition to becoming engaged in a cohesive group experience. Pharmacological therapy may also be conducted in the form of regular doses of Antabuse that deters alcohol consumption.

There are many ramifications to chronic and habitual drinking. This disease can result in increased health risks, injury, violence, and deadly forms of cancer and liver disease. Contact a certified addiction counselor today about getting yourself or a loved one into an alcohol treatment Florida program now.

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