Florida Alcohol Detox

Why Choose a Florida Alcohol Detox Program for Addiction Treatment?

Florida alcohol detox programs offer the expansive care that is needed to treat alcoholism. In addition to the availability of medical detox, patients have the opportunity to be treated on multiple levels. Alcoholism impacts every area of the alcoholic’s life; mind and body. Inpatient rehab addresses each and every element of the physical, emotional, and psychological impact of the drug. This includes those that are close to the addicted individual.

If you, or someone you know, needs help or information about alcohol detox, contact drug treatment specialists for help.

Warning Signs of Addiction

One of the first signs that abuse is transitioning to addiction is he development of an increased tolerance to alcohol. When it takes more drinks than it has in the past for alcohol to have the same effect, it is a warning sign. This, coupled with a person not being able to cut back on the amount they drink, are indicators that they should seek the assistance of an alcohol rehab program. A third sign is when a person craves alcohol when they have not had a drink, or in other words feels like they need a drink to take the edge off or feel better, as opposed to the social drinker who just wants a drink for enjoyment purposes. Alcohol rehab can help recovering addicts return to a balanced life and be in control through detoxification, counseling, therapy and support.

Trying to detox alone is not recommend as alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be severe in nature. When alcoholics attempt to quit, their brains react violently — they no longer have alcohol to prop up neurotransmitter levels with. The brain realizes that it must quickly reestablish levels, its control mechanisms move to act swiftly. Unfortunately, they move so quickly, they put the brain through shock. Seizures, gastric disturbances and cardiac problems are common. It can be dangerous to attempt to brave these effects. They can result in permanent injury.

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