Bath Salt Treatment

Bath Salt Treatment is Available to Combat the Physical and Mental Effects of the Designer Drug

Drug abuse has long been an issue in society, however trends in popular drugs of abuse often change. In the past several years designer drugs have gained attention due to the increased use and escalating negative reactions that have occurred from use. Synthetic cathinones commonly known today as Bath salts have begun to re-gain popularity among drug users partially because of their low price and widespread availability but also due to marketing efforts of the drug which make it appear safe.  marketed. Unfortunately, many who use them are unaware of the high risk for dependence as well as the unpredictable side effects. Bath salts treatment is available for individuals suffering from a dependence to the drug and researchers are continuing to explore the effects of the drug as well as what its chemical makeup is. If you or someone you love is currently using designer drugs such as bath salts, contact a professional rehab center and ask about available bath salt treatment programs.

Bath Salts have been designated a Schedule I drug under the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act. Bath Salts are a psycho-stimulant substance, with common effects including excited delirium, hyper stimulation, hallucinations, and paranoia. However, effects can be worse including brain damage and a coma. Due to the fact that these drugs were created illegally to replicate existing illegal drugs the components of them are not exactly known what experts do know is that they are intended to be powerful, mimic the most addictive drugs, and are falsely marketed as natural. These drugs contain highly addictive components and are extremely dangerous. Professional bath salt treatment is often needed to help people safely stop use of the drug and effectively recover from the physical and mental dependence.

Reasons You Should Seek Professional Help for Bath Salt Treatment

Bath Salts have been linked to a wide array of physical and psychological health problems. People who abuse this drug are likely to experience irritability, depression, and insomnia. Long-term use of  bath salts has also been linked to changes in eating and sleeping patterns. Addiction treatment specialists have not found a link between bath salt cessation and extreme physical withdrawal symptoms such as those produced during alcohol or opiate withdrawal. However, experts studying the effects of bath salt abuse and treatment have discovered a link between distinct motivational and emotional withdrawal symptoms upon drug discontinuation.  Reported symptoms of withdrawal from bath salts include amnesia, anxiety, violent behavior, suicidal thoughts, and abnormal heart rate. Due to the fact that bath salts highly toxic and can contain several different synthetic chemicals it is always suggested that anyone using the drug seek help for medical detox and bath salt treatment.

Bath Salt Treatment

Bath salt treatment abuse involves a combination of psychotherapy programs, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and motivational enhancement therapy (MET). While medications are largely ineffective for the treatment of Bath Salt abuse, a natural detox period may be recognized to help enable drug discontinuation. Relapse is a common feature of drug addiction, with additional relapse prevention programs also needed to promote long-term abstinence and sustainable recovery.

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