Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Florida

Medical studies indicate that women abuse drugs and alcohol at lower rates than men. In 2008, while 11.2 percent of males 12 and older abused drugs or alcohol, only 6.4 percent of females in the same age range had substance abuse problems. However, recovery and relapse rates are lower among women who abuse drugs than among drug-abusing men. This may partly be a result of female drug abusers’ greater reluctance to seek counseling and treatment out of a fear of a social stigma or out of the inability to do so because of the time and financial pressures of raising a family. At substance abuse treatment centers in Florida, you can find the appropriate addiction treatment programs to help you address the underlying causes of addiction. Addiction specialists work with you to design a program that works best for your lifestyle and treatment needs.

Most people associate drug addiction with illicit street drugs, such as heroin or cocaine or methamphetamines. However, prescription medication abuse and addiction are an increasingly growing problem across the U.S. Substance abuse treatment centers in Florida address all manner of addictions, as well as comorbid disorders including mental illness and other behavioral disorders.

The best drug treatment centers understand that the needs of men and women are very different, and they work hard to design treatments protocols that will work well for both genders.

Women in Addiction Treatment

When it comes to treating women, inpatient and outpatient rehab centers can offer things like child care, psychological counseling, addiction aftercare and ongoing support. They may also incorporate family therapy into their treatment plans – getting the family involved and helping them build a support structure their female clients can use after their initial course of treatment has been completed.

Depression and anxiety are very common in women who have a substance abuse issue. They also have significant rates of eating disorders co-occuring with substance abuse. This can be triggered by shame at overeating, or alcohol may be abused to purge food in order to eat more. In all cases, treatment is never effective if these co-existing disorders are not diagnosed early in the process and addressed along with the substance abuse.

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