Klonopin Addiction Treatment

Klonopin Addiction Treatment can help you get your life back

Clonazepam, the powerful drug prescribed to those suffering from anxiety disorder and panic, is sold under the trade name Klonopin. To those who struggle with these disorders, the drug is vital to an ability to live a reasonable life. Klonopin is also a mind altering substance — it is able to act on specific parts of the brain responsible for feelings of well-being. Klonopin produces a powerful high when taken in large quantities, or in combination with alcohol. Unfortunately, with this quality, the drug is an obvious choice for trafficking on the black market. It’s considered a party drug, but is also often abused by those who are first introduced to it through a doctor’s prescription for a legitimate condition. When abused or taken recreationally, this drug can be dangerous and can quickly lead to addiction. Once a dependency has formed, Klonopin addiction treatment will likely be needed in order to combat the addiction. If you are in need of a drug rehab program, contract and addiction specialist today.

Effects of Klonopin Addiction

Klonopin produces its effects through acting on the brain’s reward center, an area responsible for both feelings of pleasure and for deeply addictive habit. When exposed to large enough quantities of the drug, the reward center produces habit too deep for the abuser to quit through willpower alone. The feelings of craving can be far too tenacious. Addicts also need to struggle against withdrawal symptoms.  When the brain is exposed to Klonopin, it disrupts the brain’s chemical function to cause the brain to shut down certain areas.

When an addict attempts to quit Klonopin, the brain responds by attempting to cope. In the absence of the drug, the brain can suffer serious chemical imbalances that result in deeply disturbing withdrawal symptoms.

Withdrawal Symptoms

With Klonopin, the effects tend to be unrelenting body ache, extreme brain fog, nausea and painful jolts of electricity. While it might seem to friends and family of a Klonopin addict that they could simply put up with the pain and get over it on their own, it is not advisable. Some of these symptoms can become life-threatening. It is important to find a qualified center to undergo Klonopin addiction treatment.

 Klonopin Addiction Treatment

Many people addicted to Klonopin start out with a doctor’s prescription for panic or anxiety. When getting off Klonopin, patients need to work on two different challenges — the anxiety that they can expect to rise again, and withdrawal symptoms that come from the addiction. It’s a complex set of symptoms that drug treatment centers need to help patients with. A detoxification center with experts who have Klonopin-specific experience is important. Doctors are likely to offer patients a variety of drugs to help calm every symptom down.

It is important to remember that sobriety doesn’t come simply through detoxification. It takes years of dedicated psychological support and counseling after detoxification to help to make sure that gains made are retained. If you or a loved one needs Klonopin addiction treatment, do not hesitate to reach out for help.

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