Drug Rehab Centers in Florida

Drug rehab centers in Florida¬†understand that overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction is never easy. A range of treatment programs are needed to ensure successful discontinuation and recovery. The addiction treatment process often begins with a detoxification phase, followed by rehabilitation, relapse prevention, and aftercare support. Gender-based rehab programs have become especially popular in recent years, with women’s drug rehab available on a residential or outpatient basis. These facilities offer women’s rehab that includes psychotherapy programs based around women’s needs, with female-exclusive accommodation and support services also available.

Women’s rehab services

Women and men often turn to drugs or alcohol for very different reasons, and may also have different needs and expectations from the rehabilitation process. Common drug treatment programs available during women’s rehab include sexual abuse counseling, trauma counseling, support for eating disorders, and parenting support. By treating the issues that underpin drug abuse and addiction, therapists can provide women with the practical and psychological support needed for a long and sustainable recovery.

Residential rehab for women

Rehabilitation programs in Florida are typically conducted after detox, with counseling programs available once patients are sober and ready to embrace the rest of the addiction recovery process. Rehab is available on a residential or outpatient basis, with both types of programs offering advantages over the other. Also known as inpatient rehab, residential programs involve a live-in arrangement while the patient receives therapy. Women’s rehab programs often provide a female-exclusive environment, with female counselors and peers able to support women as they recover. This exclusive environment is important for women who are recovering from domestic or sexual violence in particular.

Parenting issues

Female-based rehab programs often provide comprehensive support for parents, with family therapy available alongside practical childcare programs and schooling. Family therapy is an important aspect of many rehabilitation regimes, with therapists working with entire family groups to help analyze and alter unhealthy family dynamics. Female-exclusive residential programs may also provide access to childcare and schooling, with women often unable to receive help unless the needs of their children have been met.

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