Five Traits of an Addict

When a loved one is struggling with the pain of addiction, it is a difficult thing to deal with. Sometimes, the behaviors of the addict can slip past us, regardless of how well we know them or how long we have known them. There are several addictive traits that one can look out for, but let’s cover five traits of an addict in this blog.

Some people can be addicted to drugs and alcohol and continue to function in daily life. However, if you look closely, you can see some signs of addiction. Stress shows up, and it’s usually behind closed doors. Therefore, loved ones may see the worst of the behavior and peers and co-workers may think things are fine.

Five Traits of an Addict

#1. Lies

If you notice your loved one lying consistently, this could be a sign of addiction. Obviously they are trying to hide something from you and it becomes apparent. This is especially the case if your loved one hasn’t been known to lie much in the past.

One thing to also take in to consideration – if you catch the addict in a lie, he or she will be very quick to defend his or herself. They will not be happy that you caught them in the lie, and they will come up with a million excuses to distract you from the lie.

This is an especially sad situation when you have known this person for years. It is almost a cry for help. If you see your loved one lying more often than not, you may want to sit them down and have a talk. However, they could possibly lie to you more.

#2. Manipulation

Along with lying, you will see an addict manipulate you too. This is usually done through the lies they tell. Addiction is so powerful, addicts rely on drugs or alcohol to function, to be able to get through daily life, or to not get desperately sick from withdrawal. To keep the flow of drugs and alcohol coming – the addict manipulates those who love them the most.

#3. Criminal Acts

Sometimes (not always) addicts will begin committing crimes. Selling or manufacturing drugs, burglary, robbery, identity theft, credit card theft, etc. are common. An employee may steal items from his or her employer and sell them. Also, someone with access to cash may embezzle from a company. Some addicts even steal items from the homes of family or friends.

#4. Blaming others

Irresponsibility is a common trait of an addict. If you see this person shift from a highly responsible individual, drug addiction could be on the table. Whatever happens is never his or her fault. If the addict gets fired from a job, it’s the boss’s fault, the addict was unfairly targeted. If the addict gets in a car accident, it was totally someone else’s fault. If the addict fails at some activity, those close to him will usually be blamed.

#5. Possible Abuse

Abuse and physical violence are possibilities, especially toward loved ones – particularly those people who can’t fight back. It doesn’t matter what drug a person is addicted to – the need to get and use the drug is what the addict’s life revolves around.


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