Alcohol Myths

Alcoholism is nothing to joke around with. If you are even questioning whether you have a drinking problem, you may want to consider seeking help. That’s because, alcohol makes a lot of empty promises.

For many people, alcohol becomes the social stigma. And if taken out of the social stigma, some may find it to be a solution for hardships. It is NOT that. Alcohol and drugs will never be the solution to a problem. It can take us away from the problem temporarily, but after the buzz or high wears off, we are right back to where we started. We look to alcohol to provide us with strength, support, and happiness. But this false sense of strength, support, and happiness is only temporary. In reality, alcohol doesn’t deliver a lot, in fact it can take away from things that mean the most to us – especially when we became addicted.

Alcohol Myths

Myth 1: Alcohol Enhances Personality

Sometimes we may think if we drink, then our personalities become more lively. Now, that may be the case for some, but if we take it too far… it will destroy our personalities. Alcohol promises make us more outgoing and witty. Sure, we might say a funny line here or there, but mostly we embarrass ourselves. Sobriety allows us to communicate with others exactly how we are. It takes courage to be sober, but it enriches our lives and creates more meaningful, stronger relationships.

Myth 2: Alcohol Gives Security

For many of us, alcohol is a “security blanket” – meaning that at every event or social situation we find ourselves in, there’s alcohol waiting. We depend on drugs or alcohol to make events fun. And sometimes without it, we don’t trust that anything can be enjoyable. Alcohol does not always deliver this security – if we drink too much, black out, and rely on it. This is what leads to addiction. Why would we want to be addicted when sobriety provides way more security? We can always depend on our sober selves. That’s important to remember.

Myth 3: Alcohol Makes Us Happy

Everyone is looking for happiness. That is a main goal in our lives. When we hear of something that promises happiness, we are eager to try it. Alcohol is one of these things. And for a lot of people, alcohol is temporary happiness. But just like the security myth above, alcohol will not deliver happiness or security… Sobriety does that. Alcohol is actually a depressant. It can give us spontaneous bursts of energy, but the next day we’re left feeling tired and hungover. True happiness comes from getting sober.

Myth 4: Alcohol is a Pain Reliever

Alcohol is used a lot as a pain reliever. For some reason, society looks at alcohol as the cure for pain. But is it really? NO. In fact, most bad things or bad situations are associated with alcohol. For addicts, it leads to hurting themselves and others. Hurting ourselves and others causes much more pain then can be relieved in one night of drinking. We could lose everything because of this addictive, false-promising substance.

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