How to Stage An Intervention For Drug Addiction

Addiction Intervention: How To Convince A Loved One To Get Treatment For Addiction?

The disease of addiction changes the very structure of a person’s brain. These changes can alter the way the person’s behaves and thinks. They become reliant on the drug or alcohol in order to cope with their life or possible co-occurring mental disorder. Eventually, an addiction forms through repeated use and it becomes increasingly difficult for the addict to stop the drug use alone as they continue to try to hide their problem from those around them. An addiction intervention can be the key to make an addict come to terms with the fact that they need professional help.

Addiction intervention: what is it?

An addiction intervention is a meeting held by people close to the addict such as their friends, family or employers. It is a carefully planned meetings that can be aided by professional interventionists or licensed drug counselors. It is designed to bring together people that care for the addict so that they can express their experiences and concerns with the person so that they can find drug and alcohol treatment. It can bring about a sudden realization that their substance abuse is a problem and that they have no other option but to find help. Consequences are often laid out if the addict was to not accept the help such as moving out, losing their job or friends.

Formal intervention

This is an intervention that a professional will guide and help to plan. Specific people will attend and discuss how the addict has affected them and what will happen if help is not sought. The interventionist can help with the initial planning, the monitoring of the meeting itself and a place to hold the meeting.

Informal intervention

A professional does not aid this form of intervention. It is planned and executed by loved ones and friends in the hopes that they can help the addict find treatment and stop their drug and alcohol abuse.

An intervention is an important step in helping someone who is not stopping substance abuse on their own. Professional assistance from rehab centers can make not only the intervention more successful but it can also provide a treatment solution should the addict accept the help.

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