What to Expect at Rehab

What to expect during a typical day at rehab

Getting treatment for your drug addiction can be scary, but knowing what to expect at rehab will make it a much more positive experience. Even when you really want to get clean, the thought of entering an inpatient or residential rehab center can be a bit terrifying. Your life is going to change in major ways, and the process of weaning off drugs is not going to be comfortable. It’s important to remember that an inpatient rehab center is the safest, most effective place to get off drugs and begin the recovery process.  You will be aided in your recovery journey by addiction specialists who are all focused on helping you resume your normal activities free from drugs, armed with the coping skills you need to remain drug-free.  Let’s find out what you can expect in a typical day in rehab.


Whether you choose a gender specific or coed rehab, what happens in drug rehab first is a period of detoxification as the drugs or alcohol leave your system. Withdrawal from drugs can be quite uncomfortable, as you may experience muscle cramps and cravings if you have become physically dependent. If you choose to undergo inpatient medical detox, you can expect medical professionals to administer medication as you undergo detox. The medical professionals will carefully monitor your dosage, gradually decreasing it over several days to make the detoxification process much more comfortable.

Once you are finished detoxing, a typical day in drug rehab will most likely fall into the following pattern:


The point of rehab is to instill new habits and establish a healthier routine and lifestyle, so you can expect to be woken up early to enjoy a healthy breakfast. After you have eaten, you will have time for morning chores and personal hygiene before heading off to some form of instruction to help you greet the day in a calm state of mind. This typically means a meditation or yoga class. After your peace of mind class, you will probably have a group session to learn about the underlying causes that led to your addiction, with coping skills to help you with the recovery process. A light, healthy lunch shared with other patients follows.


Your routine in the afternoons in drug rehab will vary a little from day to day, but you can expect to follow the same general routine. You will attend group therapy, individual counseling sessions, and specialized group sessions or lectures related to your particular addiction issues. Some of your time will be spent learning relapse prevention techniques, and family therapy sessions will probably be a regular occurrence. After classes, you may have a short relaxation time before dinner.


When you are in drug rehab, evenings are usually spent attending a 12-step group or other self-help meeting. There may be some time set aside to watch a movie or enjoy other community-building activities. While these activities may seem like relaxing “down-time,” they are actually an important step that will help you prepare for life after rehab.  As you socialize with other patients, you will be learning how to manage social interactions and enjoy activities without the crutch of drugs or alcohol.

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