Street Names for Commonly Abused Drugs

Familiarize yourself with street names for commonly abused drugs

You may have heard some of these words in passing conversation and thought nothing of it, but after you read the list of street names for commonly abused drugs a red flag should go up the next time you hear them spoken by someone suspected of abusing drugs. Drug addicts have their own culture and language and we should familiarize ourselves with it to remain vigilant of the possibility of abuse. Below is a list of drugs and their street names:

  1. Heroin is an opioid narcotic from the poppy plant with a high potential for abuse and addiction. Some of the drug’s common street names are junk, brown sugar, smack, horse, H, China white, skag, Big H, white horse and dope. Heroin is a depressant that affects the central nervous system and may change the physical structure of the brain causing mental impairment.
  2. Marijuana comes from the hemp plant and can be smoked, vaped, eaten or brewed like a tea. Like other street names for drugs, marijuana has its own unique list of common names such as bud, herb, skunk, weed, pot, reefer, dope, ganja, trees, smoke, green, sinsemilla and grass. Marijuana may physically shrink the thalamus and striatum areas of the brain, and may lead to schizophrenia, psychosis, depression and suicidal ideation.
  3. Cocaine is another drug with a high abuse and addiction potential. Some common names for cocaine are based on the appearance of the drug, which can be a white powder or small off-white rock crystals. Common names for cocaine are rock, snow, flake, candy, toot, coke, blow, Charlie and bump. Cocaine abuse may cause serious physical and psychological problems such as an altered heart rate and blood pressure, stroke, seizures, bizarre behavior, panic, paranoia, coma and death.
  4. Methamphetamine is classified as a Schedule II controlled substance with a high abuse and addiction potential. Included in the list of street names for drugs, methamphetamine is commonly known as crystal meth, speed, fire, crank, tina, ice, jibb, glass, chalk and crystal. Methamphetamines are potent stimulants that may cause serious mental problems such as depression, psychosis, violent behavior and suicide.
  5. Inhalants can include anything from paint thinner, lighter fluid, glue, oven cleaners, gasoline and other toxic chemicals. Common street names for inhalants are whippets, poppers, laughing gas and snappers. Inhalants may cause serious damage to the central nervous system and brain, and death can occur rapidly.
  6. The list for drugs and their street names should also include the club drug MDMA. This drug can be snorted, swallowed or injected and is commonly known on the street as ecstasy, Molly, lover’s speed, Eve, uppers, Adam and peace. Adverse effects of MDMA include anxiety, memory impairment, hallucinogenic effects, hyperthermia, chills, muscle cramps and addiction.
  7. LSD is another drug to add to the list of street names for drugs. Some of the common street names for LSD include acid, yellow submarine, microdot, cubes, blotter and blue heaven. LSD may cause harmful effects such as terrifying thoughts and feelings, visual hallucinations, delusions, panic attacks, distortion of time and self-identity, severe psychosis or depression and flashbacks.
  8. Alcohol is typically called booze, juice, hard stuff, sauce, suds, draft, moonshine, vino, liquid courage, hooch and more. Alcohol may cause a variety of adverse effects such as depression, malnutrition, cardiovascular disease, liver disease, dementia, pancreatitis, cancer, heart attack, infectious diseases, high blood pressure, strokes and nerve damage.
  9. Oxycodone is a potent prescription drug that is highly abused and addictive. Street names for this commonly abused drug include OX, OC, blue, kicker and hillbilly heroin or poor man’s heroin. Adverse effects of this drug include addiction, respiratory depression, confusion, mood swings, psychosis, delusions, weight loss, anxiety, liver or kidney damage, aggression, coma and death.
  10. PCP is a synthetic drug that can be smoked, eaten or snorted. Common street names for this popular club drug are amp, peace pill, angel dust, ozone and rocket fuel. Some of the adverse effects caused by PCP are: a distorted reality, confusion, amnesia, excitement, fever, delusions and paranoia.

This list of street names for commonly abused drugs should help you identify any drug culture language that refers to these drugs, and the adverse effects that they produce. This knowledge may enable you to help someone who is abusing any one of these drugs and convince them to get the professional help they need.


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