How Drug Rehab Centers Help Drug Addicts

Understanding how drug rehab centers help drug addicts can give you the courage to start your recovery journey

When you are struggling with drug addiction, getting through recovery can seem like an impossible task. If you have tried to get clean on your own and ended up relapsing, or found yourself unable to make it through withdrawal long enough to detox, that doesn’t mean your addiction is too strong to break. It just means you haven’t gotten the right tools to help you overcome your cravings and prevent a relapse.  That is how drug rehab centers help drug addicts: they give them the tools and support needed to make it successfully through the recovery process. Once you understand the kind of help drug rehab centers can provide during every step of your recovery journey, it is easier to find the courage to enter rehab and start on the path to a drug-free future.

Assessment to identify co-occurring conditions

When patients first enter drug rehab, addiction specialists provide a thorough assessment of their psychological and physical well-being. This assessment reveals the extent and severity of the substance abuse problem and identifies whether additional contributing problems exist. Many addicts suffer from co-occurring conditions that they try to self-medicate by abusing drugs and/or alcohol. These conditions may include undiagnosed mood disorders, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder. Nutritional issues may also have developed that can play a role in making it hard to get sober. Once a full assessment has been made, the addiction rehab center can develop an individualized program of treatment.

Medically assisted detox to manage withdrawal symptoms

Depending on the drug involved in the addiction, withdrawal symptoms of detox can be severe or even life threatening. Drug addicts often experience withdrawal symptoms and cravings that are so intensely uncomfortable that they give up partway through the process. Drug treatment centers can provide supportive services during a medically supervised detox that make withdrawal easier to bear. They can provide reassurance and may be able to administer medications that reduce the severity of symptoms.

Behavioral therapy to overcome addiction

Understanding the issues that contribute to drug abuse is a crucial step in overcoming addiction. Drug rehab centers provide education on the causes of drug abuse, and help addicts to understand how their addiction developed so they can avoid that path in the future. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an important tool that addiction treatment centers rely on to help patients overcome addiction. Through attendance at individual, group, and family therapy, addicts learn what issues may be contributing to their substance abuse. Patients learn how to identify triggers push them towards abuse, and they gain the coping skills to avoid high-risk situations that can cause them to relapse. Any traumatic events such as sexual abuse and domestic violence that can contribute to drug addiction can be addressed to help patients cope without relapsing.

Relapse prevention to maintain sobriety

Drug addiction often compromises an individual’s ability to function responsibly in a “regular” real-world setting while maintaining sobriety. Attendance in addiction aftercare programs can help drug addicts develop the necessary skills to meet the challenges of recovery. For some individuals, a stay in an aftercare facility, such as a sober living community is the best option. Through peer-to-peer mentoring, participation in self-help and twelve step groups, and behavioral therapy, recovering addicts learn relapse prevention techniques that will give them the best chance of overcoming drug addiction and maintaining long-term sobriety.


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