Percocet Addiction and Abuse

Struggling with Percocet addiction and abuse? Inpatient Percocet rehab centers can help you achieve long-term recovery

If someone you love is suffering the agonies of Percocet addiction and abuse, there are addiction treatment options that can provide a real chance for long-term recovery. Percocet addiction & abuse has reached epidemic proportions in the United States in recent years, fueled in large part by the growing number of addicts who began using the drug when it was prescribed to them by their physicians. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that as many as one in four patients receiving long-term opioid therapy in a primary care setting struggles with opioid addiction. While addiction to this medication is difficult to overcome, patients who enter into a Percocet addiction treatment programs can achieve long-term freedom from relapses.

How has Percocet addiction and abuse become so widespread?

Percocet is a potent narcotic medication that combines oxycodone and acetaminophen to provide significant analgesic properties. Percocet was originally intended to treat designed to treat the intense, moderate to severe pain experienced after surgery or with certain cancers. In recent years, prescribing guidelines have expanded for Percocet, and the drug is now administered for the treatment of pain from a wide range of non-cancer conditions. These include chronic conditions that necessitate a long-term course of Percocet, such as back pain, osteoarthritis, and joint pains.

The problem with these dosing guidelines is that tolerance quickly develops with Percocet and other opioids, requiring patients to take ever-increasing amounts of the medication to achieve the same degree of relief. As patients take higher doses of Percocet, physical dependence occurs, where patients experience withdrawal symptoms if they do not receive regular doses of the drug. Psychological dependence follows, and soon patients find themselves fighting a deep-seated addiction to Percocet.

Percocet addiction treatment

If your or a loved one’s use of Percocet has progressed from abuse to addiction, entering an inpatient Percocet rehab center may provide your best chance for recovery. Inpatient residential facilities provide a safe environment where you can focus your entire energies on recovering from your addiction without any of the pressures that come from dealing with outside distractions. Inpatient Percocet rehab centers that provide 90 day treatment programs and allow longer stays if needed provide the best prognosis for long-term recovery from Percocet addiction and abuse.

Percocet detoxification

The first step in any Percocet addiction treatment plan is a medically supervised detox. Patients are weaned off Percocet gradually, and medications such as Klonopin may be administered to alleviate any intensely unpleasant Percocet withdrawal symptoms.

Percocet addiction treatment and therapy

Once you have completed detox, the hard work of recovery begins. Inpatient residential treatment centers rely heavily on therapy as a key tool in beating Percocet addiction. You can expect to engage in intensive group, family, and individual therapy on a regular basis. Cognitive behavioral therapy will be employed to help you learn coping skills and relapse prevention strategies.

Percocet Rehab Aftercare

Long-term recovery from Percocet addiction is not easy to maintain, and relapses are a common occurrence. You may benefit from a stay in a sober living community where you can work on developing coping strategies to deal with the demands of everyday life without triggering the need to relapse. Methadone maintenance may be indicated on a long-term basis if you suffer from persistent cravings for Percocet.

Recovering from Percocet addiction and abuse is a long and difficult journey, but addiction treatment options are available that can make long-term recovery an achievable reality.

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