How Long Is Drug Detox

How Long Is Drug Detox And Why Is It important?

Drug detox is typically one of the first steps in recovering from drug abuse or addiction. Many people ask, how long is drug detox? Drug detox is a medical intervention process which assists in helping individuals safely through the process of withdrawal. Detox is responsible for eliminating drugs, alcohol, and related toxins from your body. Once your body is free of all substances, you will be readily prepared to transition into drug rehab. What happens in drug rehab will prepare you to transition back into society drug-free. People are often curious as to how long drug detox is. The detox process will vary depending on the user and will generally be based upon the user’s longevity of use, the frequency of use, substances used and other factors. During detox, you will be provided with medical supervision and the resources you need to have a safe and comfortable withdrawal experience. It can be very dangerous to try quitting “cold turkey” or detoxing at home. It is very important to undergo a medically supervised detox before transitioning into rehab. A medically supervised drug detox is the best and safest option to get started with your recovery process. The severity of withdrawal varies from person to person, and sometimes the symptoms can be deadly. A medically supervised detox allows you access to medical professionals who are readily equipped to treat all of your withdrawal symptoms, all while ensuring your safety.

How Long Is Drug Detox?

Many people ask, ‘How Long Is Drug Detox’? Often those looking to start their recovery process wonder “How long is drug detox?’ Drug detox can last anywhere from 3 to 14 days, again this depends on the user and the drug or drugs which they are withdrawing from. Every person is different, therefore every person will have varying experiences during the detox process, especially the length of their detox. Factors which often influence the length and severity of a detox process generally include:

  • Time period of abuse
  • Methods of using (smoking, snorting, injecting, etc.)
  • Substance or substances used
  • Overall physical and mental health
  • Genetics

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Although Detox Is Necessary, It Is Not Enough For A Complete Recovery

Once you’ve completed the detox process, the next step is getting enrolled in a drug rehab. To ensure your complete and successful recovery from addiction, drug rehabilitation is absolutely necessary. What happens in drug rehab will be completely different than your experience in detox. While drug detox is designed to help eliminate substances from your body, drug rehab is designed to help address and eliminate behaviors associated with substance abuse and addiction.

Wondering What Do You Do In Rehab or What Happens In Drug Rehab?

Many people are often curious as to what do you do in rehab or what happens in drug rehab. Unlike drug detox, drug rehab will assist you in identifying and modifying the behaviors which contribute to your issues with substance use. Although enrolling in a drug rehab program is important, it is more important to enroll in one which is best suited for you. The process of recovery from substance abuse or addiction is bigger than being in treatment, it’s about being in an effective treatment program that suits your needs for a successful recovery. Be sure that your rehab of choice is readily prepared and able to provide you with all the tools and resources you need to ensure that your recovery process is a success. You should expect the best outcome when starting drug rehab, at White Sands Tampa we ensure our clients of the best drug rehab experience.

Take The First Step In Your Recovery and Get Started With Drug Detox Today!

Drug detox is just the first step in your recovery from addiction. At White Sands Tampa we offer comprehensive drug rehab to those looking to overcome addiction. We can assist you or your loved one in successfully recovering from the grips of addiction. We will provide you with all of the tools and resources you need to successfully recover and maintain your abstinence upon completion of treatment. Don’t wait until you or your loved one have hit rock bottom to seek help.

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