Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Seniors

Are there Rehabs that Handle Elderly Alcohol Abuse and Elderly Alcohol Withdrawal?

The United States is seeing a massive growth in its population of senior citizens, nearly doubling over the last decade. While age may come with benefits of wisdom and experience, it can also come paired with its own set of health issues and needs for prescription medication. In fact, many studies have stated that almost a quarter of all prescriptions in the United States are sold to the elderly community. When you pair this with the fact that nearly eleven percent of elderly people with prescription medications abuse them, you start to paint a rather disturbing picture. This becomes especially true when you consider that alcohol is the most commonly abused substance for persons over the age of 65. With over 3 million seniors abusing alcohol, we find ourselves asking very serious questions: What alcohol addiction treatment for seniors is available?

Centers for Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Seniors

As the cases of elderly alcohol abuse steadily rise, the need for treatment programs that cater to specific ages grows more and more. Generally speaking, there are two main types of treatment programs for patients suffering from elderly alcohol withdrawal: all ages treatment centers, and age-specific programs. It’s common for teenagers and young adults to want treatment centers all their own, to help mitigate their own needs and comfort zones, and Seniors are no different. These types of programs are beneficial for the majority of patients as well because they provide a space where people feel more comfortable sharing their feelings, their story, and their methods of staying sober.

The reasons someone who is 70 may become addicted to drugs or alcohol can be vastly different from the reasons a 19-year-old decides to use. This gap and lack of similarities make separate treatment beneficial for both parties. Lifestyle differences aside, patients suffering from elderly alcohol abuse may need different types of medical resources, as well.

Treatment options for elderly alcohol withdrawal can come in numerous different forms depending on the severity of the situation, but generally include these options:

  • Preventative classes, addiction education, and sober support services
  • Medically Supervised Detox for Elderly Alcohol Withdrawal
  • Inpatient Addiction Treatment
  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment
  • Any Combination of Options for Elderly Alcohol Abuse

While detox may seem intimidating, especially at later ages, it’s important to realize that it is a medically supervised procedure and that it can be performed both inpatient and outpatient depending on the severity of withdrawal symptoms and what the patient is most comfortable with. If you are unfamiliar, detox is the process by which drugs and alcohol are safely removed from the body over a period of sobriety, and while there are drug cravings and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms during this process, medical attention can greatly mitigate any dangers associated with the process.

The treatment centers themselves will focus highly on teaching relapse prevention, giving you the tools you need to maintain a life of sobriety, and helping you regain the footing necessary to not only return to a normal, functioning, life but the tools necessary to build a better life, free of drugs and alcohol. Despite any of the worries, risks, and stigma associated with it, addiction is a real, treatable disease that affects millions of people. Addiction doesn’t care how old you are, how young you are, how healthy you are, or what social status you claim. It attacks and destroys indiscriminately, and all the same, we treat indiscriminately. Alcohol addiction treatment for seniors can help. Recovery is possible, and it well worth the work necessary to start the process.


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