Understanding The Importance of Morphine Addiction Treatment

What Is Morphine?

According to the DEA, morphine is a non-synthetic narcotic drug with a high abuse potential. The drug is a derivative of the opium plant and known as one of the most effective drugs for relieving severe pain. The drug is most commonly used to alleviate physical pain, reduce hunger, and to inhibit the cough reflexMorphine is marketed under both generic and brand names, including Roxanol, MS-Contin, and oramorph SR. There are a variety of street names for morphine such as Dreamer, Morf, Morpho, God’s Drug and First Line. Those who are dependent on morphine should consider Morphine Addiction Treatment.

In the past, morphine was primarily used by injecting the drug, today the drug is available in several forms including oral and other routes of administration. Typically, users of morphine prefer to have the drug injected because it is able to enter the bloodstream more rapidly. The effects of morphine typically causes it’s users to experience feelings of euphoria and pain relief. The chronic use of this drug can cause users to develop a tolerance, ultimately leading to a physical and/or psychological dependence. Morphine abuse and addiction can both be very dangerous, however both can be effectively treated with comprehensive morphine addiction treatment. If you or your loved one are in need of morphine addiction treatment, WhiteSands Treatment is here to help. Call us today at (877) 855-3470 to get started on your path to a successful recovery!

How Can You Get Addicted To Morphine?

Due to morphine being typically administered in medical settings, people often wonder how can you get addicted to morphine? Similar to the abuse of any other drug, using morphine over a period of time, in gradually larger doses, and using longer than intended can lead to morphine abuse or addiction. Morphine acts directly on the body’s central nervous system, and is not only capable of relieving pain, but also produces euphoria. The euphoric feeling that morphine produces causes it’s users to become dependent on the high it produces. When abused, morphine can interfere with many of the body’s systems, causing users to quickly develop a tolerance for the drug, ultimately leading to taking higher doses of the drug to achieve the same “high”.

The morphine addiction side effects can cause users to further exhibit drug using and addictive behaviors. Like other opioid painkiller drugs, morphine abuse can control a person’s life and even change their personality. Typically, individuals who are addicted to morphine or abuse the drug will begin to base their lives around obtaining, using, and recovering from morphine. In addition, morphine users typically continuously use morphine to avoid experiencing withdrawal symptoms, further perpetuating their abuse or addiction. The continuous or abuse of morphine can ultimately result in a full blown physical dependence on the drug.

A physical dependence will cause the body to adapt to the presence of the drug. This explains why the body goes through withdrawal symptoms when the use of morphine has been significantly reduced or stopped completely. Unfortunately, a morphine addiction can be very powerful, often making users feel as if they can’t stop using the drug. But overcoming a morphine addiction is possible with morphine addiction treatment.

Benefits of Morphine Addiction Treatment

If you or your loved one are abusing morphine, getting started with morphine addiction treatment can help you recover your life. At White Sands we offer comprehensive morphine addiction treatment. Making the decision to enroll in treatment can be very beneficial. The morphine addiction side effects can be very detrimental to your health, both physically and mentally. By enrolling in morphine addiction treatment you can recover your life from the detrimental effects of morphine abuse and addiction. Morphine addiction treatment will provide you with the treatment, support and tools you will need for a complete recovery.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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