How to Have Fun Sober at a Party

Wondering how to have fun sober at a party? 5 ways to enjoy yourself at a party without alcohol or drugs

If the thought of attending parties and social gathering after recovery is making you anxious, we have some tips on how to have fun sober at a party that will help. One of the biggest challenges that people face after recovery is figuring out how to enjoy themselves at parties without threatening their sobriety.  It may take a little practice to get adept at applying sobriety strategies in social situations, but once you get used to socializing without the crutch of alcohol or drugs, you’ll find parties and their aftermath are a lot more enjoyable when you’re sober! Try using putting these tips on how to have fun sober at a party to use at your next gathering.

Bring the fun with you

If you are accustomed to attending parties and other social events high or drunk, showing up sober by yourself can be a bit intimidating at first. Don’t wait for fun to find you, show up with a group of sober friends and make your own fun. You’ll find it easier to relax and dance, mingle, and enjoy yourself without worrying about looking foolish – once someone has listened to you pour your heart out in group, the thought of dancing in front of them is much less traumatic! You’re almost guaranteed to have a good time when you’re at a party with friends who all know fun things to do in recovery.

Practice refusal strategies ahead of time

Prepare ahead of time what you will say when someone offers you drugs or alcohol at the party. People in recovery sometimes feel a need to over explain their reasons for not drinking to others, which can lead to long, drawn out discussions as the individuals try to convince the recovering addict that “just one” drink will do no harm. Practice delivering a fast, firm, refusal that leaves no room for discussion.

Get involved and make the party great

Instead of simply standing getting bored and anxious, get involved in making the evening enjoyable for all. Offer to fix some tasty “mock-tails,” for everyone, or play DJ for part of the evening. Keeping yourself busy this way serves several purposes. It is an easy way to meet new people, it lets you engage with people without having to seek them out, and it keeps you from focusing on wanting a drink. All that and it is a great way to have a fun time at a party without drinking or drugging!

Host your own sober party

The best way to have fun sober at a party is to host your own alcohol-free celebrations! That gives you the opportunity to set the agenda and decide what attendees will do for entertainment. Instead of beer pong and drinking games in the evening, set up excursions where everybody can enjoy some of the new hobbies you’ve discovered in rehab. The best thing about hobbies for recovering addicts is that they are the type of activities that can be fun for everyone. Meet friends for a cooking class, start a blues band, invite your friends and family to join you as you pursue your passions, whatever they are!

Rejoice in your sobriety

Instead of feeling out of place because you aren’t drinking alcohol, you can learn how to have fun sober at a party and appreciate everything that separates your experience at this party from the past. Stepping back from the overwrought drama that occurs when alcohol and drugs are involved can make you grateful you have been through recovery and help reinforce your commitment to sobriety.  It brings home why having fun sober at a party is so great: you get to enjoy the evening with friends without getting sick, engaging in drunken arguments, or embarrassing yourself with behavior you will have to apologize for tomorrow. And in the morning, you will wake up refreshed, hangover –free, and able to recall the entire evening without having to worry about what you did during a blackout. The drunken affairs of the past simply can’t compare!

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