Tips for Continuing Recovery after Drug Rehab

Trying to stay sober? Here are some tips for continuing recovery after drug rehab.

Well you did it. You made it through detox and you had your therapy sessions. You survived rehab and it wasn’t all that bad. Being in rehab was easy because your day was planned out for you. You knew where you had to be and what you had to do every moment of the day. And the staff was great. They really helped you cope with a lot of difficult things during your transition from addiction to recovery. Now that you are home it is going to be up to you to support your sobriety and re-build your life. Can you do it? Yes! Here are some tips for continuing recovery after drug rehab:

  1. The first thing to do is prepare a plan of action and write it down so you can constantly remind yourself about what you need to do. Put your plan on a wall or mirror where you will see it every day. You should create structure in your every day living, just like you had in rehab. Plan to do specific things each day, but don’t overload yourself and stress out. Write down your goals for the future, and make plans for how you will achieve them. Now that you have a plan of action you can begin to get your life back in order.
  2. Continue to focus on your recovery and make regular visits to your therapist or counselor. Make it a habit to consistently attend support group meetings. You will need the camaraderie and support that the other members give you, and they will need yours.
  3. You should already have a relapse prevention plan in place and posted where you can review it every day. Never stop focusing on your sobriety and keep your mind strong with strategies and techniques so you don’t falter.
  4. There are different stages of recovery from addiction, and as you progress in your sobriety you will be able to achieve more. You may have to start thinking about getting a job now or completing your education. As soon as you feel you are ready, you should begin these endeavors. You will want to re-build your financial life as soon as you can so that you do not have to depend on other people for your basic needs.
  5. You should devise a good nutrition plan for yourself. Make sure you get plenty of rest, water and exercise. Your body may have suffered from your addiction and your immune system may still be a little off. You can help your body by giving it the proper nutrition that it needs to heal and stay strong.
  6. Make new friends that respect and support your sobriety. Start to enjoy your life with people you can depend on and have fun with. Try new activities, take classes, learn a new hobby or skill, or join a sports team or club. Do the things that you enjoy and that make you happy.
  7. By practicing your faith, you can bring balance, peace, hope and joy into your life. Get to know other people in your spiritual community and perhaps join a Bible study group, choir or an outreach program to help others.
  8. Stay positive by ridding your mind of all negative thoughts. You will feel better, accomplish more, stay focused and sober, remove limitations and fears, and have a winning personality when you stay positive.
  9. Your family can be your greatest advocates and support group. If you are estranged, try to reunite with your family and heal the hurts from the past. Family therapy is a great instrument for accomplishing these goals and creating a new and healthy family dynamic. You and your family can begin to make new, wonderful memories, and your family members will learn how to support a recovering drug addict.

Now, after reading tips for continuing recovery after drug rehab, it is time to create a new and better life for yourself. You will be able to navigate the different stages of recovery when you stick to the plan. This is how you continue the recovery process after rehab. Stay positive, stay strong, stay focused and stay sober.





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