Common Prescription Drug Street Names

Do you Know Prescription Drug Street Names?

Misuse and abuse of prescription drugs is a serious issue in the United States today. Ease of access is one reason that may explain this epidemic. Reasons for drug misuse vary by age, gender, and a myriad of other reasons. It is known that males are at higher risk than females, however, the instance of females overdosing and abusing these types of drugs is on the rise. If you suspect someone you love of misusing prescription drugs, it may be advantageous to familiarize yourself with the prescription drug street names.

Prescription drug slang often arises from the type of people that use the drug, the shape, and color of the drug, abbreviated or shortened forms of the name of the drug, or the effects the drug provides.


Prescription drug slang or street drugs names vary. However, they are usually similar and well known on the streets by people who use them – and people who don’t use them. Prescription drug street names can be divided into categories, by drug type.

  • Benzodiazepines: sticks, bricks, tranks, candy, blue V, benzos
  • Cough syrup: tussin, red devils, rojo, poor man’s ecstacy, robo, dexies
  • Dimethyltryptamine: businessman’s trip, DMT
  • Gamma-Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB): goop, G, Georgia homeboy, liquid ecstacy, liquid X
  • Inhalants: huff, whippets, rush, snappers, poppers, laughing gas
  • Ketamine: vitamin K, special K, kit kat, k, cat valium, cat tranquilizer
  • Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD): acid, yellow sunshine, microdot, window pane, blotters, blue heaven, cubes
  • Marijuana: (medicinally legal in some states) hydro, indo, joint, blunt, aunt Mary, bud, chronic, dope, grass, ganja
  • Phencyclidine (PCP): Sherm, hog, love boat, angel dust, peace pill
  • Steroids: gym candy, weight gainers, arnolds, roids, pumpers, stackers
  • Amphetamine: speed, truck drivers, bennies, black beauties, crosses, speed

Prescription drug street names also include slang for the abuse of prescription pills such as pharming, pharm parties, recipe (mixing prescription pills with alcohol, for example), trail mix (mixing prescriptions). If you hear a loved one mentioning one of these terms in reference to themselves – odds are that they are abusing prescription drugs. Prescription drug street names may seem innocent enough – this is why it is vital that you be familiar with them.


Painkillers street names are in a category all their own. They are known by many names and vary by type.

  • Codeine: schoolboy, Cody, Captain Cody. When one mixes codeine and alcohol, it is known as sizzerp and purple drank.
  • Fentanyl: TNT, tango and cash, jackpot, goodfella, friend, dance fever, apache, china girl
  • Hydrocodone: Watson-387, vickies, narco, hydro
  • Hydromorphone: footballs, smack, dillies, dust
  • Meperidine: demmies, pain killer
  • Methadone: wafer, fizzies, amidone
  • Morphine: God’s drug, mister blue, monkey, dreamer, Miss Emma, morf, morpho, unkie
  • Oxycodone: hillbilly heroine, oxy, oxycotton, kicker, percs, roxy
  • Oxymorphone: biscuits, octagons, stop signs, O bomb

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Street drugs names are constantly changing, hence, the importance of becoming familiar with the slang. Especially if you have teenage children. Maybe you have heard your child (or a friend) call themselves a syrup head – you should talk to them about this because it may mean they are abusing cough syrup, which is easily accessible. Cough syrup becomes a hallucinogenic after nine hundred milligrams. Do you currently have cough syrup in the medicine cabinet? It is easier than you think for someone to abuse prescription (or over-the-counter) drugs. Knowledge is power. If you suspect someone you love to be abusing prescription drugs, just listen – for they may be telling you without realizing it. Perhaps you will be able to intervene before it is too late. Call the professionals at White Sands Tampa today for help.


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