How Addictive is Krokodil?

A look into, “How Addictive is Krokodil?”

There is a drug from Russia gaining notoriety in the United States. Only having been around since 2002 (stemming from Siberia), people may not be aware of what it is or what it does. It has plagued the United States since 2013 and brings addiction to a whole new level. So, how addictive is krokodil?


Desomorphine, or krokodil, can be made at home by cooking together the following ingredients:

  • Iodine
  • Red phosphorous (the kind you find on matchbox strike pads)
  • Gasoline
  • Codeine
  • Paint thinner
  • Hydrochloric acid

Sometimes, to balance the pH levels, krokodil makers will add cigarette ash to the concoction. The liquid made from the foregoing items (which can be made as quickly as thirty minutes) is then injected into a vein. Krokodil offers a high that can last anywhere from ninety minutes to two hours.  Typically, this drug is the next step for a heroin addict when heroin is no longer affordable.

If you are wondering, “what does krokodil do to you?” here is an idea; Krokodil got its name because using the drug can cause your skin to turn green, and scaly – like a crocodile. Abscesses develop when the addict misses a vein and hits skin instead. Gangrene is common among addicts and amputations have been reported. Some body parts affected by the drug will rot off completely, exposing bare bone.

Krokodil is a schedule 1 substance – meaning that there is no accepted medicinal use and that it is highly addictive (and illegal). If you are addicted to krokodil, please contact White Sands Treatment today – before it is too late.


How addictive is Krokodil? Initial onset is especially quick, but the action is short. Thus, leading to frequent administration and risk of physical addiction. How addictive is Krokodil? Desomorphine is ten times stronger than morphine and more potent than heroin. If you or a loved one are addicted to krokodil, please contact White Sands Treatment NOW.

What does krokodil do to you? Injection of krokodil can cause:

  • Gangrene
  • Skin infections
  • Thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation)
  • Necrosis (death of living tissue)
  • Skin ulceration
  • Death

Even the first use may be fatal. Chronic users are given a lifespan of two to three years from first dose.


Krokodil has been dubbed the “zombie drug” by the media. The photos shown by the media of the affected individuals include images of gangrene and dead skin patches on their body (like a zombie). Short term effects of krokodil include, heroine-type highs without the nausea. Longer term effects include:

  • Muscle destruction (due to iodine)
  • Ulcers that will not heal
  • Abscesses and gangrene
  • Bone damage
  • Arms and legs that wither and die
  • Nervous system damage
  • Overall collapse in health
  • Inflammation of liver and kidneys

Keep in mind, if you survive your first high, the remainder of your life (without rehab) will be painful and terse. The short-term effects are not worth it in the long run. Please contact White Sands Treatment if you are using krokodil.


The withdrawal process is vicious, even harsher than heroin. With heroine withdrawal, you can expect pain and sickness for about ten days. Withdrawal from krokodil is reported to cause one month of intolerable pain – strong tranquilizers are used during the process, so that the addicted individual does not faint from the pain. If the addict comes out the other side of rehab, there is a strong possibility that they may be left with long-lasting side effects including erratic movements, speech impediments, and vacant gaze. How addictive is krokodil? Doctors who have dealt with people addicted to krokodil have indicated that this is the highest level of addiction and the most difficult to cure. Please, contact White Sands Treatment for help if you need it.


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