Hydrocodone Addiction Signs

Having the right information could avoid a life-threatening condition. Learn more about Hydrocodone addiction signs

Hydrocodone is one of the most common and most used opioid medications for pain management, legally available by prescription only. Unfortunately, because of the fact that it is frequently prescribed, it has become the most abused narcotic, leading to an addiction epidemic. Hydrocodone addiction signs are many and, if not treated promptly, could have deadly consequences.

While hydrocodone is prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain, when combined with other medications it serves to alleviate chronic cough, acting as an antitussive. The drug works by altering how the brain and the nervous system perceive painful stimuli (in the case of pain management) and decreasing brain activity in the part that induces coughing.

The drug has been popularly abused because of the extreme euphoria, sedation and alteration of reality that it produces as side effects of pain management. This has led to wide recognition of hydrocodone abuse signs that should be treated immediately to avoid fatal situations.

Some of the most common signs of hydrocodone addiction are similar to those shown on morphine and heroin addicts; dizziness, nausea, drowsiness are some of the mild symptoms. Severe hydrocodone addiction signs include respiratory depression, slow and shallow breathing, clammy skin loss of consciousness and death.

Understanding hydrocodone abuse signs is fairly important in helping yourself or a loved one get through the abuse problem. Knowing that these hydrocodone addiction signs can quickly and easily go from mild to severe, could help save a life.

Another damaging factor of hydrocodone is, that when abused in combination with other medication (like acetaminophen or cold medicine) it could lead to liver damage and internal bleeding.

While this opioid can provide pain relief for patients that need the medication, an abuser showing signs of hydrocodone addiction will fall easily into an uncontrolled spiral, and the pleasurable high he or she seeks, can turn into life-threatening condition.

With the long-term use of hydrocodone, your system’s chemical balance and functioning is altered; this means that the substance acts by slowing down the normal functioning of your body, especially slowing your heart beat and respiratory process. These effects could turn deadly when untreated.

Other hydrocodone abuse signs include sensorineural hearing loss, confusion, tremors, muscle pain and hallucinations, which could lead to erratic and violent episodes. Also, if you realize you are engaging in risky behavior to obtain the drug, stealing and lying, these are all contributing signs of hydrocodone addiction.

The good news for you – or someone you love – that is suffering from a hydrocodone abuse issue, is that there is help available to beat and overcome the addiction. A comprehensive detoxification and rehabilitation process is key if recovering.

If you can perceive some of the hydrocodone addiction signs mentioned above, it is imperative that you seek help. Detoxification is a process through which your body gets rid of the toxins (drugs) in your system, causing chemical changes in your brain and organs.

It is important to go through this phase under strict medical supervision, which is why an inpatient rehabilitation center is recommended. Once your body is clean from the toxins, you will take part in rehab.

The rehabilitation process can include cognitive-behavioral therapy, addiction education, learning coping skills and mechanisms to prevent relapse, development of an aftercare plan and creating a strong support system that you can lean on after you finish treatment.




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