Short Term Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Tampa FL

Understanding the Benefits of Short-Term Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Tampa FL

While substance abuse affects a wide variety of people, it is a very personal, individualized disease. For some, long treatment methods, like the ones offered by inpatient drug treatment centers Tampa, are almost necessary to begin putting a dent into the underlying causes of their substance abuse issues. However, for others, the short-term substance abuse treatment centers in Tampa FL are more likely to see success. In this article, we are going to take a look at the benefits of short-term treatment programs, and why they may, or may not, be a good choice for you or someone close to you.

Short-Term Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Tampa FL: What is it?

The inpatient drug treatment centers Tampa offers generally last between 30 and 90 days, with some going for as long as 6 months, but for many, this can be a large commitment of time, that they simply can’t afford. Either for money reasons, practical reasons, or simply because they aren’t ready to commit that much time to their growth in sobriety. For these sort of situations, there is short-term substance abuse treatment centers. These treatment programs generally last from 14 to 29 days and cover the initial detox, therapy, and relapse prevention programs that the regular inpatient substance abuse treatment Tampa has during their initial period of admission.

There are a couple things of note when looking at the option of short-term treatment, one is that if possible patients should consider long-term treatment as it provides them with more time to recover and learn about their recovery, without being near the people, places, and things they associate with abusing drugs or alcohol. The second thing to consider is that, if short-term treatment is the most appropriate, or the only, option afforded to you for inpatient treatment, recovering addicts should consider outpatient treatment, or some form of recovery meetings, in order to help them maintain their sobriety once their short-term treatment program is complete.

Short-Term Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Tampa FL: Recovery Maintenance

By far the most common reason for patient admissions into short-term inpatient substance abuse treatment Tampa, recovery maintenance is a term used to describe someone who is already in the process of recovery that, for one reason or another, needs to return to treatment. Generally speaking, patients who would seek out the inpatient drug treatment centers Tampa has to offer for short-term care, are patients who have slipped and relapsed during their recovery. Hopefully, these patients are already armed with the knowledge, the coping skills, and the drive needed to get continue a healthy sobriety, but they may need some time away from triggers, temptations, and cravings to get back on their feet. In these situations, inpatient substance abuse treatment Tampa can be a great resource.

Short-Term Substance Abuse Treatment Centers in Tampa FL: Unavoidable Responsibilities

While nothing should ever be put before your recovery in terms of priorities, we do understand that there are times when “real world” responsibilities need to be met. Whether it’s showing up to work, or simply being there for someone in need, there are a number of reasons why recovering addicts may feel anxious about making a long-term commitment to one of the inpatient drug treatment centers Tampa has. In these cases, short-term treatment may be a great option. Generally speaking, this reason is reserved for more mature, self-reliant recovering addicts, as most younger patients do not have as many responsibilities that need to be met.

In addition to the short-term inpatient substance abuse treatment Tampa offers, there are a number of outpatient programs patients can seek as well. We highly recommend that recovering addicts, regardless of the severity of addiction or age, seek out outpatient drug treatment once inpatient treatment is complete. This will help them better adjust to the outside world again, while also solidifying their newly learned coping skills, relapse prevention techniques, and overall healthier mindset.

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