Top 5 Signs Of Drug Use

Did you know that being able to identify these top 5 signs of drug use can actually make a difference and save someone’s life?

Are you worried about someone you love being involved with drugs and not being able to get clean? Or, are you in fear of having a drug problem yourself, not knowing how to address it? If you can identify these top 5 signs of drug use in any of these scenarios, it’s time to get help.

A drug addiction is a disease that affects your brain. It takes control of your behavior, your way of thinking, how you react to others, and to common situations. It all revolves around a compulsive, drug-seeking attitude despite the fatal consequences.

While some people think they know how to identify an addict or how to tell if someone is on drugs, there are key characteristics that an abuser shows, that have nothing to do with actually consuming right in front of you.

These top 5 signs of drug use are not the only key elements, but they are highly defining when there is a drug abuse problem:

  • Isolation: a person that you can consider social and amicable, suddenly prefers to be alone and appears withdrawn
  • Changes in behavior: a person can lose interest in their hobbies, family activities, common habits, etc.
  • Severe mood swings: a person will experience high euphoria one minute, followed by a deep depression the next, can get cranky for no apparent reason, seem really sad or down
  • Be Careless: will often ignore their appearance, be messy, not shower, miss work or school appointments, seem aloof
  • Engage in unusual activities: get into risky behaviors to obtain money for their addiction, lie, steal, disappear for days at a time, etc.

While these are the top 5 signs of drug use – in a general sense – each person will develop their own telling way of showing there is an abuse problem and you should be alert from the moment suspicion arises. These sings may teach you how to identify an addict and your next step should be reaching out and support them in seeking help.

If you believe you know how to tell if someone is on drugs, you should keep an important thing in consideration: you alone can’t help them. An addict needs the support of medical experts and specialists to get clean and rehabilitated.

Part of knowing how to identify an addict is also knowing that they may deny the existence of a problem, they may reject the first signs of help, they may feel ashamed and judged and their first response will be to recoil.

Being able to know how to tell if someone is on drugs is key in knowing where to go to get support and guidance to be able to reach out properly. Many rehab facilities offer guided and supervised intervention procedures to be able to facilitate a rehabilitation process.

Whenever you sense there are signs of drug use on someone you love, you should always rely on experts and counselors to be able to provide effective support, without compromising your own well-being.



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