Pros and Cons of Outpatient Drug Rehab Centers

Find out how local outpatient drug rehab centers can get you on the road to recovery at White Sands Treatment Center.

What are the pros and cons of outpatient drug rehab centers? Individuals with a serious drug or alcohol addiction should be treated as an inpatient so that they can receive the intensive therapeutic care that they require for a successful recovery from addiction. Other individuals with a mild drug or alcohol abuse problem should do well at an outpatient drug rehab center. Both programs are designed to meet the needs of the individual patient.

A severe addiction to alcohol or opioid drugs can safely be treated as an inpatient, so that dangerous withdrawal symptoms can be abated by the medical staff. A medically managed detox is an important element of treatment when withdrawing from these substances. Inpatient status is also recommended for individuals who struggle with co-occurring mental disorders, physical health problems and multiple relapse history. Addiction recovery is a process that takes time to achieve, and any additional problems that the patient faces that exacerbates his problems must also be dealt with. Some patients have chronic pain issues that may have led them to become addicted to opioids, while others may try to self-medicate with drugs or alcohol to manage their mental health issues. An inpatient status provides the time and care necessary to address these problems simultaneously so that the patient is holistically healed

An outpatient rehab for substance abuse is the ideal situation for individuals who are motivated and committed to stop their substance abuse. These individuals often have family and occupational responsibilities that they cannot neglect. Local outpatient treatment centers are flexible enough to work around their schedules, yet provide the important care that they require to get well. Scheduling for treatment, medications and counseling can be made at different times during the week, and the patient must attend these visits consistently.

Day Program

There are different types of outpatient formats and levels of care, with the usual protocol providing psychological and behavioral counseling, relapse prevention, education, group support meetings and more. Many outpatient drug rehab centers offer day programs that provide a high level of therapeutic care in a structured environment. These programs often require the patient to attend meetings at least 5 days a week, for a few hours per day. Patients are free to return home after their daily visits; but day programs may not provide enough flexibility for the patient to attend school or work until he completes the program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive outpatient rehab for substance abuse has well defined phases of treatment that the patient must complete. As the patient progresses through each phase of treatment his time commitment is shortened. The patient is required to attend several treatment programs per week. The intensive outpatient program is suitable for patients who are serious about their addiction recovery and are committed to the process. The treatment protocol provides individual and group therapy, relapse prevention strategies, and support group meetings.

Other reasons to consider outpatient drug rehab centers are that it is a less expensive option, because you are living at home and do not require meals and housing. Costs are considerably less, as opposed to inpatient care. Parents with children still dependent on them have the flexibility to be with their family, while still receiving their substance abuse recovery treatment. This takes a lot of pressure off of parents who have no one to depend on to help them care for their children.

Another benefit of an outpatient rehab for substance abuse is that the programs are flexible enough to allow the patient to still be able to work. This is an important aspect for many patients who have others that are dependent on them, besides having to take care of themselves. There is no doubt that a local outpatient treatment facility can provide you with the necessary care you need to recover from substance abuse, and still remain flexible enough for you to focus on important duties. If you commit to the process, you can recover from substance abuse.



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