Top 8 Signs of Alcoholism

Familiarizing Yourself with the Signs of Alcoholism

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Top 8 Signs of Alcoholism

If you have experienced any of the following signs of alcohol abuse, you may want to consider seeking help for your addiction. In some cases, alcoholism may result in death and should not be taken lightly.

  1. Do you start the day with a drink in the morning (or unusually early in the day)? Do you drink alone?
  2. Do you tend to forget what happened the night before (when you were drinking) or experience regular blackouts? Do your hangovers interfere with your work life or responsibilities?
  3. Do you feel as though you have no control over the amount you drink or no control over the duration of your drinking?
  4. Have you attempted to stop your drinking habit but found it fruitless?
  5. Has there been an occasion (or more) where you put yourself in a dangerous situation because you were intoxicated (for example, driving or unsafe sex)?
  6. When you have tried to stop drinking, did you experience withdrawal symptoms (racing heart, nausea, sweating, tremors, or seizures)?
  7. Do you continue drinking even though you are aware that it is having a negative impact in different areas of your life?
  8. Have you faced legal trouble because of your drinking?

Oftentimes, addicts do not seek help on their own (for a variety of reasons). When this is the case, loved ones – such as friends, family, and colleagues, may have to say something to the alcoholic for them to realize that they, in fact, need help. People sometimes realize on their own that their drinking is having adverse effects on their lives and will try to seek help.

If you have noticed the aforementioned alcoholic symptoms in yourself or someone else, please seek help. The experienced addiction counselors at White Sands Tampa are ready to take your call. Please call today.


It is of the utmost importance to become familiar with the signs of alcohol abuse. Whether for yourself or someone else – you could save a life. Alcohol is a potent substance which is highly addictive. It affects many parts of the body physically and also affects the brain. Life expectancy for an alcoholic is reduced by ten to twelve years. If anything, that alone should be enough to make one want to seek help or make someone else hesitant about even picking up a drink. Addiction does not pick and choose its victims and does not discriminate – nobody is safe.

Alcohol affects the human body in so many different ways – those who research the effects have a hard time figuring out exactly what the consequences are. The heavier the individual drinks – the earlier they will die. Health problems associated with heavy drinking include heart failure, lung disease, diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. Those who engage in the alcoholic lifestyle put their life at risk in many other ways than just their health. Such as:

  • Dangerous health conditions are produced by heavy alcohol use and affect the whole body (pancreatitis, nerve damage, erectile dysfunction, and liver damage)
  • Delirium tremens is a dangerous symptom of alcohol withdrawal. Sometimes the withdrawal and delirium tremens are so intense that they can be fatal.
  • The rate of death from violence and/or injury are high among those who drink heavily and regularly.
  • An overdose of alcohol can be deadly.

The signs of alcoholism should not be taken lightly. Over half of all murders are precipitated by alcohol. Of those individuals that commit suicide, a quarter of them was diagnosed with alcoholism. In more than half of all automobile fatalities – alcohol played a role. If you notice the alcoholic symptoms in yourself – please, find help immediately. The signs of alcoholism are easy to spot too if you know what to look for.


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