What to Expect at AA Meetings in Tampa

Get familiar with what to expect at AA Meetings in Tampa

AA meetings in Tampa are an outstanding choice for the recovering alcoholic. Those just coming out of a drug treatment program understand that participation in group therapy is highly encouraged. Groups like this, offer those people in recovery a chance to come together with their peers, offer support, and be supported. Additionally, being amongst other link-minded individuals, there is an environment that promotes sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, Tampa AA meetings are based on the twelve-step model.

AA Meetings in Tampa: Meeting Format

Please note that the alcoholics’ anonymous meeting format may differ depending on the region or just by the group. Typically, however, this is what you might encounter at the AA meetings offers. The Chairperson will welcome the members of the group and introduce themselves. “Hello my name is _______ and I am an alcoholic. Welcome to this meeting…” and then they may ask for a moment of silence for “the alcoholic who still suffers” and perhaps a group Serenity Prayer.

After the prayer, the Chairperson will extend a welcome to those who are new and have never attended before. The chairperson might ask if anyone is attending the meeting for the first time or even just attending AA for the first time. Depending on whether it is a closed or open meeting, the Chairperson may read an anonymity statement to remind visitors at open meetings that these meetings are, indeed, anonymous according to the Eleventh Tradition.

At this time, the Chairperson may remind those at the meeting that they do not have any type of substances on their person, and if they do, they are to go outside and leave it there before coming back inside.

One of the most exciting parts may be the next – recognition of “clean time.” People may receive chips or medallions to signify different periods of being clean. This is basically it.

Different Types of AA Meetings in Tampa

There are a couple types of AA meetings Tampa has to offer that you can choose from. Closed AA meetings are for those individuals that identify as an alcoholic only – or for those who think they may have a problem. This setting allows for a more private and free setting, where members can really get into the heart of what they would not normally want to share in front of non-members. Everyone there has gone through the struggle and can understand and empathize, making it easier to share those more intimate of details.

Anyone may attend open AA meetings. For example, probation officers, judges, professionals, and family members may be curious about how the meetings work. Or, maybe friends and family would like to show support for their alcoholic by coming to the meeting that celebrates an anniversary and where there loved one receives a chip. This is a milestone in recovery which should, in fact, be celebrated. Those who are non-members, however, should not participate verbally in these meetings.

A Speaker meeting is where one (or more) members of AA contribute their experiences and feelings of hope. They talk about how AA has helped them in their recovery as well as talk about how they feel, the new events in their lives, turning-points, and how they feel about themselves now, as a person in recovery.

Open Discussion meetings are centered on a topic chosen by the members of the group or someone leading it. The topic should be related to the personal recovery in this program. Individuals choosing the topic should keep the following in mind:

  • Twelve Traditions
  • Twelve Steps
  • Twelve Concepts

Keep in mind that only recovery-based items shall be discussed. Topics will vary depending on the group and its members.

Literature Discussion meetings are just that – discussions about the literature of Alcoholics Anonymous or other approved texts. People choose to study the basics – Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, and Twelve Concepts. Typically, to get as many people involved as possible, the texts are passed around so that everyone can read a passage, though it should be noted that reading and speaking are never required.

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