Drug Rehab Fort Myers: How to Find the Best Treatment

Keep these tips in mind when choosing a drug rehab Fort Myers to treat your loved one’s addiction.

Choosing a drug rehab Fort Myers can be a streamlined process when you know what to search for. There are several factors to consider when choosing a program that you are hoping will be best suited to address all of your loved one’s issues with addiction. To help you get started, here are tips to help you narrow down choices for effective care, as reported by the LA Times:  

  • Begin researching alcohol rehab centers Fort Myers FL or drug treatment centers Fort Myers by asking doctors for their input. Start with your loved one’s primary care physician, who can provide treatment referrals as well as evaluate your family member’s overall health. A primary care physician can also advise on the next best course of action. Talk to families that have had firsthand experience with some of the facilities you are researching.  Don’t be afraid to approach individuals at 12-step meetings and ask for recommendations for treatment.
  • Contact community-based public health commissions and county level government agencies for information. These organizations will be helpful in guiding you in your search and can provide you with referrals and recovery resources.
  • Be armed with information about your family member’s situation when doing your research. Become familiar with his or her medical history and drug use. Does he or she have medical insurance that will cover treatment or another way to cover the cost? Will your loved one require medical detox upon entering the facility? You may need to search for facilities that provide supervised detoxification and assistance with pain management. Does he or she have other medical diagnoses, such as a mental illness? This is known as a dual diagnosis, which is present in approximately half of the patients suffering from addition disorders. You may need to search for a drug rehab Fort Myers that specializes in the identification and treatment of dual diagnoses. Typically, upon admission, trained facility medical staff will thoroughly evaluate patients to assess their symptoms and measure cognitive function prior to the start of treatment. This helps those working closest with your family member develop a customized treatment plan to address his or her specific needs.
  • When researching drug treatment centers Fort Myers or alcohol rehab centers Fort Myers FL, find out which licenses and certifications the centers and their staff members have. For a list of licensing requirements in your state, visit Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. There are many health professionals that are involved in the care of each patient and play an active role in the patient’s recovery.  They include a primary care physician, who can provide medications, a referral to a specialist, and limited behavioral treatment. Patients in recovery also work closely with psychiatrists who provide medication as needed and behavioral treatment. In addition, psychologists, social workers, and alcohol counselors play a critical role in each patient’s recovery through behavioral therapy and treatment.
  • Finding a drug rehab Fort Myers also includes learning about the different types of treatment offered at the facilities and determining which would resonate best with your loved one. There are several methods currently used in the treatment of addiction. They include different types of behavioral therapies, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Therapy, marital and family counseling, and individual therapy. There are also medications that can be used that work to reduce cravings, anxiety, and treat different types of mental disorders.

Lastly, finding a drug rehab Fort Myers that provides an environment where the patient feels comfortable is essential. The individual must understand the purpose of his or her treatment goals and feel the benefit in continuing to participate in the program. Drug treatment centers Fort Myers and alcohol rehab centers Fort Myers FL are also available to provide tours of their facilities and assist you with understanding the process so that you may make the most educated decision about your loved one’s treatment and care. After your loved one makes the decision to get sober, the next step is to find the most effective drug treatment centers Fort Myers or alcohol rehab centers Fort Myers FL that will effectively help your loved one get on the road to recovery.







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