Using Technology in Relapse Prevention

Learn how using technology in relapse prevention can prove to be successful…

The use of technology in relapse prevention can actually help recovering addicts prevent relapse and maintain sobriety over the long term. For the past few years, the sheer numbers of recovery and sobriety apps have been downloaded by recovering people almost as quickly as they’re able to be developed.

Having access to a range of positive, motivational messages and options for chatting with other people going through similar challenges in recovery can be a source of inspiration for people struggling through the recovery process. Even if you do have other means of support through family, friends, or local meetings, there are times when discussing challenges with people who have experienced the same things can provide far more motivation than any other alternative.

The Role of Technology in Relapse Prevention

One of the major issues many recovering addicts struggle to overcome is having access to the support they need through the recovery process. In many cases, family members try to be supportive, but they often don’t fully understand the challenges the recovering person is going through.

Likewise, regularly attending group meetings can provide a level of peer support and guidance. Yet meetings aren’t always available when the person needs to support the most, such as in the middle of the night or during stressful situations.

Using technology in relapse prevention offers support, motivation, and encouragement. Addiction recovery apps are also the ideal way to reach out and connect with other sober people at any time of the day or night.

Apps offer recovering people quick and effective ways to access positive quotes or messages or listen to a motivational message, find a local meeting or find new sources of motivation to remain sober.

Best Sobriety Apps

If you’re keen to take advantage of technology in relapse prevention during recovery, there are plenty of different apps you can download to your phone for recovery support. Some are free to download, while others might cost a couple of dollars to access.

Here are some of the best free ways to take advantage of technology in relapse prevention.

Today’s Step (

Today’s Step app is designed to deliver recovering people daily motivational messages, helpful exercise videos, guided meditation sessions, and positive stories from other people within the community.

Sober Tool

iTunes and Android

Sober Tool is a highly motivating app developed by a Harvard-educated addiction specialist that is aimed directly at anyone who wants to stay sober. The app uses proven techniques to help people stay clean and sober and provides daily encouragement and rewards for maintaining sobriety, which improves focus on remaining sober.

Cassava Recovery App (

The Cassava Recovery App is designed to help recovering people stay on track with recovery. Check in with the app, share local meetings near you, or create a journal that lets you express your moods, challenges or feelings each day. The app also offers motivational messages each day to help stay on track.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson (

The Stop Drinking app is specifically designed to provide listeners with motivational messaged that help listeners relax. Messages are designed to help recovering people overcome the physical and emotional cravings for alcohol. The app aims to break down habits and triggers associated with drinking behaviors, replacing self-destructive behaviors with healthy alternatives to regain control over your life and maintain control over your choices in drinking.

Having access to such a vast array of technology in relapse prevention makes it easier than ever before to maintain sobriety and reduce the risk of relapsing back into self-destructive habits and patterns. Anyone serious about staying clean and sober for the long term should take advantage of the apps and programs available that can help them make a successful recovery from drug or alcohol addiction and stay sober over the long term.

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