Free Drug Rehab Centers in Tampa: Get Help Paying for Rehab

Are There Free Drug Rehab Centers in Tampa?

It’s common for many people to avoid entering into drug rehab treatment as they believe they won’t be able to afford the cost. Yet there are a number of free drug rehab centers in Tampa and drug rehabs that accept many forms of insurance that provide professional addiction treatment.

Are Free Drug Rehab Centers in Tampa As Good as Paid Treatments?

One common misconception about free drug rehab centers in Tampa or those covered by insurance is that they must be somehow less effective than other types of residential drug treatment Florida.

In reality, many of the affordable addiction treatment options available focus on more than just medications and detox programs. In order to improve the chances of a person making a successful recovery, a combination of therapies and treatments are required that suit each person’s individual needs.

Cognitive behavioral therapies are designed to help each recovering person identify their own individual addiction triggers and high-risk situations associated with substance abuse. Ongoing counseling then works to encourage the person to develop a strong relapse prevention strategy that helps them maintain sobriety over the long term using healthy, productive options.

Research indicates that many people caught in a cycle of addiction struggle to control stressful feelings, emotions, and situations, leading them to turn to drugs or alcohol in an attempt to self-medicate. Successful treatment methods incorporate healthy ways to control and manage symptoms of stress that significantly reduce the need to revert to substance abuse after leaving rehab.

What Happens in Residential Drug Treatment Florida?

The first step of any program for residential drug treatment Florida is to assess and evaluate each person individually. Detox is the first phase of treatment, designed to eliminate the effects of the substance from the body.

Most people associate addiction treatments with medically-assisted detox, but not all types of drugs can be treated with medications. Depending on the drug being taken, the person may need to detox under medical supervision while the dosage being taken is carefully tapered down. Others may be given prescription medications to ease any withdrawal symptoms that do emerge during detox.

Long term drug rehab Florida also integrates specialized counseling and behavioral therapy that helps a recovering person identify their unique addiction triggers and high-risk situations associated with substance abuse. Therapy then helps each person develop their own individual relapse prevention strategy to reduce the risk of them returning back to a self-destructive cycle of substance abuse after leaving treatment.

Improving Success Rates for Recovering Addicts

Getting through the detox process and working through counseling and therapy sessions provide a strong starting point for any recovering addict. However, maintaining sobriety requires ongoing management and new life skills that direct the person’s focus away from past associations and habits.

Addiction specialists recognize that many people caught in a cycle of addiction may have financial problems and poor employment prospects. While counseling focuses on addressing the psychological triggers behind addictive behaviors, rehabilitation services also begin working on ways to improve the recovering person’s job and social skills.

Free drug rehab centers in Tampa provide opportunities for anyone struggling to break free from addiction to begin living a normal life again. White Sands Tampa will work with you and your insurance to make sure your financial situation does not hinder your recovery and the start of a healthy, happy life.


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