Are you curious about which people to avoid in recovery from drugs or alcohol? Keep reading.

Did you know that the people you associate with can affect your recovery? Are you wondering which people to avoid in recovery? Aligning yourself with the right kind of people, especially in early recovery, can bolster your esteem and progress – or make you feel sad and unstable. You owe it to yourself to find good friends to associate with during your recovery, and also know what types of people to avoid in recovery. Here is a list of personalities to avoid in addiction recovery:

1. Drinkers and Drug Users

The first key to avoiding a relapse is to avoid anyone who is still using drugs or alcohol. Former drinking buddies or drug users are a no-no, because they can create common relapse triggers that can lead you to relapse. Talking about getting high, or doing it in front of you, is not someone who respects you or your decision to stay sober. Even if they don’t expect you to partake in using, they are still a bad influence that you do not need in your life anymore. These people are out-of-control and are not a friend to anyone who wants to lead a prosperous and sober life.

2. Numero Uno

You should beware of this type of person, the ultimate narcissist who can make you think he is concerned about you, but is only interested in himself. These people will never be there for you in a time of need, unless there is something in it for them. They often have real difficulty establishing deep connections to other people, and can be intellectually and emotionally manipulative. Severely dysfunctional narcissists can also be aggressive and violent when they do not get what they want. Do yourself a favor and stay clear of Numero Uno.

3. The Caregiver

Normal caregiving is a great thing when you need it, but not on a constant basis when you are able to do for yourself. This type of person will suffocate you, and can make you feel that you are not strong enough to handle recovery on your own. They can make you totally dependent on them, and hold you back from progressing on your own; so be brave and stand on your own two feet. Tell the caregiver that although you appreciate the care and concern they have shown you, you are able to navigate your own recovery.

4. The Drama Queen

This is definitely one of the personalities to avoid in addiction recovery. The Drama Queen will always find fault with someone, and then gossip about it. They often slander others and are always deeply affected by what someone said or did. Drama is their game, and you will not get a moment’s peace with this person. During recovery you need peace and space to remain focused on making the necessary changes that establish long-term sobriety. Let the Drama Queen go to find a new audience for her theatrics.

5. Misery Loves Company

Negative people are among the personalities to avoid in addiction recovery. These people are always sad or angry and never have a good word for you. They can be chronic complainers who are always having a pity party. Being around negative thinking will make you begin to feel sad and depressed, which are common relapse triggers. If someone continually makes you feel down or depressed, avoid them. Negative thoughts can create all kinds of destructive behavior, and that is what you want to avoid during your recovery. Stay positive and hopeful and you will succeed.

6. The Blood Sucker

Other people to avoid in recovery is are Blood Suckers. These people are leeches who never give you a break. This personality type may appear to be your friend, but their neediness will constantly keep you engaged in their problems. You are not their therapist or savior, and you don’t have time for their constant neediness if you want to remain focused on your own recovery and progress in your life.

These are some of the personality types to avoid in addiction recovery. If you find that certain people add stress and confusion to your life, try to gently weed them out. Set boundaries with consequences for people that you live and work with. Only associate with people who respect and support your recovery, and allow you to remain focused and in control of your life.

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