Learn all about the dangers of counterfeit Xanax with these fast facts

Drug addictions and issues regarding drug abuse often focus solely on the big illegal drugs like heroin, meth, and crack/cocaine. However, there are also many prescription drugs that people develop an addiction to or dependence on. Xanax pills are one of those drugs. Many people develop a dependency on Xanax when they are prescribed the medication for a legitimate anxiety or other mental health condition while others only ever consume the drug recreationally and develop an addiction. While addiction to actual Xanax pills is a large problem, another major problem is the issue of counterfeit Xanax or fake Xanax. Get to know a few fast facts about this deadly drug and the dangers that it poses to all those who come into contact with it and may make the mistake of using it.

Fast Fact #1: Counterfeit Xanax Is Much Stronger Than Real Xanax

One of the biggest issues with counterfeit Xanax is that it is extremely strong and potent. In fact, it can be several times more potent than actual prescribed Xanax. This can put a person that seeks out fake Xanax in serious danger, especially is they are unaware in the difference between the real deal and the fake. Most people assume that if they are getting “Xanax” that even if it is not necessarily pharmacy-made, it I the same basic drug. It is not. And the potency of the formulation can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Fast Fact #2: Overdoses of Counterfeit Xanax Happen More Easily

Because counterfeit Xanax is so much stronger and more potent than real prescription Xanax, the potential for overdose is much higher. A person consuming this bogus Xanax from the street could overdose without even realizing they are doing so. If a sham Xanax pill, for example, is twice as potent as a standard prescription Xanax pill, then taking two or more of those fake pills at the same time could actually be an overdose, even though the user may think they are taking a “safe” dosage.

Fast Fact #3: Just Because the Pills Look the Same, Doesn’t Mean They Are

Pill size can be one of those misleading things that can lead to dangerous drug overdoses. Dealers that make counterfeit Xanax will do whatever they can to make it look like the real deal to fool their customers. This includes making the pills the same size and shape. You cannot allow yourself or others to be fooled by these similarities in appearance as looks are deceiving.

Fast Fact #4: Counterfeit Xanax Is Made from Fentanyl Most Often

Faux Xanax is actually nothing like Xanax at all. It is most often made of a drug known as fentanyl. Real Xanax is in a class of drugs known as benzodiazepines. These drugs are considered to be mild tranquilizers which is why they are so commonly used for anxiety issues. Fentanyl, on the other hand, is an opioid drug. Opioids are much more potent tranquilizers and most commonly used as painkillers when prescribed by a doctor.

Fast Fact #5: Fentanyl Is an Extremely Strong Drug

Not only is fentanyl from an entirely different drug class than Xanax, but even among opioids it is considered extremely strong. Counterfeit Xanax is made from a drug that is fifty times stronger than heroin and a hundred times stronger than morphine. Even the slightest miscalculation in the amounts of fentanyl in counterfeit Xanax can be dangerous.

Fast Fact #6: Counterfeit Xanax Is Responsible for More and More Fatal Overdoses

When it comes to fatal drug overdoses, most people are focused on the problem of heroin and other known opioid overdoses. However, they are unaware of the issues presented by counterfeit Xanax. Imitation Xanax contains the opioid fentanyl which most people do not realize, which also means they do not realize that it can cause fatal overdoses. And it does cause fatal overdoses and is doing so more and more frequently. In 2015, 9,000 deaths due to these sham Xanax pills were reported.

Better understanding the existence and dangers of faux Xanax can help you to protect yourself and the people that you care about from this dangerous and potentially deadly drug.

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