What is the Naltrexone Revia?

Naltrexone Revia May Be Able to Help You with Opioid Addiction

Naltrexone Revia is a brand name for the drug naltrexone. It is one type of medicinal treatment for opioid addiction. Because opioid addiction is all too common today, and because it causes such hard and fast dependence, often drug treatment centers will use medication-assisted treatment. Drugs like Naltrexone Revia will be administered in order to help individuals recover from addiction.

Understanding Opioid Addiction

Opioids are drugs that originate from opium, which is actually a drug itself. Opium comes from the poppy plant, native to Asia. For the most part, opioids are used as prescription pain medications. In some cases, they may be used to help quell severe coughs.

For people who have chronic pain or who are terminally ill, opioids can help them feel more comfortable. On the other hand, there are also many old who abuse prescription medications because it’s important to note that opioids can be extremely addictive.

In addition to being physically addictive, individuals who regularly take opioids can become tolerant to them. This means that the user needs to take exceedingly higher amounts of the drug in order to achieve the same high. Tolerance usually leads to physical dependence as well.

When physical dependence has set in, it becomes extremely difficult for an individual to recover on their own. Professional treatment is usually necessary, and in many cases, medicinal treatment can be a tremendous help.

What Is Revia?

If you’re wondering what is Revia, it’s first important to point out that Revia is not a dangerous, addictive drug. In fact, Naltrexone Revia is one of three commonly used medications that can help treat opioid addictions.

In addition to treating prescription medication addictions, Naltrexone Revia can also treat addictions to heroin. That’s because heroin is also derived from opium and shares many of the same qualities as prescription pain killers.

Medications used to help treat addiction have different purposes. Naltrexone Revia’s purpose is to block opioids from reacting inside the brain as they usually would. When this occurs, it means that the individual can take opioids, but they won’t experience the high — or any effects. This essentially eliminates the incentive to take opioids.

This may sound absolutely wonderful, and it is. Taking Naltrexone Revia can make a huge difference during recovery and is particularly helpful during aftercare when individuals are trying to avoid relapse. However, it is important to keep in mind that this drug will not help individuals with cravings. This is where professional rehabilitation treatment through therapy and counseling comes in.

Revia Side Effects

Certain individuals will experience mild Revia side effects. However, just because an individual experiences side effects from this drug, this does not mean that they should stop taking it. Sometimes small adjustments in dosage are all that is needed, so it is essential that individuals experiencing Revia side effects first talk to their doctor.

When side effects do appear, they are usually mild and can be easily reduced. Side effects include diarrhea, nervousness, joint or muscle pain, upset stomach, vomiting, tiredness, and other sleep problems.

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