10 Tips for Staying Sober

Ways to make staying sober easier: 10 Tips for Staying Sober

For the addict, it can seem like staying sober is nearly impossible, but there are techniques that can help. Seeking help is a good first step. You can get information and addiction help from White Sands Treatment Center. The hard work continues after you have stopped using drugs. Even if a person has gone through detox and has solid reasons to stay sober, the urge to relapse can remain strong. It is vital to have some workable ideas that can teach you how to stay sober from drugs. Keep a list of strategies you can use to fight cravings, restlessness, anxiety and even depression.

Let’s look at 10 helpful tips:

  1. Remove drugs from your home.

There is no reason to keep temptations around. Remove all drugs from your living quarters, including the ones you say you are keeping for company.

  1. Find a worthwhile goal.

You may have let important dreams and plans slip away while on drugs. Rekindle your passion for a big, important goal. This will help you stay focused.

  1. Start an exercise program.

Getting in shape can help you with how to stay sober from drugs. Exercise helps the brain think more clearly, and can help reduce drug cravings. Make your exercise a routine and stick to the schedule. This will provide structure to your days.

  1. Create a sober social group.

Gather friends who do not use drugs, as well as family members. Being around people who not using drugs can help you make the choice to stay sober from drugs. They will be ready with reasons to stay sober.

  1. Go to meetings regularly.

It is vital to join a support group and go to meetings as often as possible. Other people will share their tips for staying sober, and they will understand your struggle.

  1. Inform medical providers of your history.

Let your doctor know your difficulties with drug addiction. You may be able to take alternative medicines that are less likely to trigger cravings. Also, the doctor may use minimum dosages.

  1. Create something.

Learn to draw or paint. Take dance lessons. Learn a musical instrument. Write a story. Finding any kind of creative outlet will help you focus and keep your mind off your recovery problems. Creative projects will utilize skills you didn’t have when on drugs. This will remind you of the benefits of having control of your own mind again.

  1. Get a pet.

Having a living thing to take care of yourself can remind you that addiction affects more than just you. The love from a pet can go a long way toward comforting you when the cravings start.

  1. Ask a morning question.

Pose this question to yourself each day: “How confident am I about staying sober today?” If the answer is that you are not at all confident, you know that is a day to get support. Keep a journal of your responses to your morning question so you can track your progress. You will start to see more and more days when you are strong.

  1. Get therapy.

Find a therapist who can provide counseling and help you through your struggles. This will be one more person you are accountable to, and you will learn to understand your addictive behaviors. If you experience anxiety and depression, the therapist can help with these issues as well.

The Bottom Line

Staying sober is an ongoing process, not a short visit to a rehab center. While you certainly want to start with professional help from a rehabilitation center, you will need to do a lot of work to learn how to stay sober from drugs. Use the above tips to keep yourself on the right path, and you will be more likely to avoid a relapse. If you do relapse, accept it and start over. Every time you stand up to your addiction, you are stronger.


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