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In many parts of the country including many Florida communities, opiate abuse and addiction has reached crisis level. Opiates are highly addictive substances that pose dangers to both physical and mental health. Suffering with an addiction to illicit opiate-based drugs or prescription opiates requires high-quality addiction treatment. Florida addiction sufferers can get help at Tampa inpatient opiates rehab where they can learn to manage their addiction and overcome their dependencies on these dangerous drugs. Since today’s best rehabs offer various opiate treatment options, addiction sufferers will be able to choose a program of therapy that’s ideal for them.

Opiates and Addiction

Opiate addiction is devastating for individual sufferers, their families, and communities. Opiates include a wide spectrum of drugs that include prescription medications like morphine and fentanyl as well as illicit drugs like opium and heroin. Derived from the opium poppy, opiates are highly addictive, and while some medications are important treatment options for pain or other conditions, all opioids are associated with a risk for abuse owing to their addictive properties. People suffering from an addiction to opiates experience powerful drug cravings complicated by severe withdrawal symptoms if they don’t get their dose in a relatively short period of time. Opiate withdrawal treatment can help sufferers overcome their dependencies on the drug in question and reduce the intensity of withdrawal.

The Dangers of Opiates Abuse

According to Tampa inpatient opiate rehab and the medical community at large, opiates are especially dangerous because they affect not only a person’s pleasure centers in the brain but also the area of the brain that controls the respiratory system. Taking too much of an opiate can lead to overdose, when the drug causes the respiratory system to slow or stop. People suffering with an addiction to opiates like heroin or morphine are at increased risk for mental and physical health problems. Abuse of opiates is linked to depression, anxiety, paranoia, brain damage, liver damage, and, as mentioned, overdose. Tampa inpatient opiates rehab can help addiction sufferers with programs design specifically for opiate addiction.

Tampa Inpatient Opiates Rehab: Evaluation

Today, addiction sufferers have many treatment options, especially those who live near major cities like Tampa. Upon entry to a Tampa inpatient opiates rehab, addiction sufferers will be assessed by medical caregivers. These healthcare providers will ask sufferers questions about their addiction as well as any other health problems they may suffer from. Once healthcare providers understand the individual’s needs, they can recommend an individualized plan. At this point, sufferers can talk to an addiction specialist about their opiate treatment options as well as about their best method for obtaining opiate withdrawal treatment. If the addiction sufferer has other health conditions such as a dual diagnosis, which is not uncommon, other treatments may be offered along with addiction therapy.

Opiate Withdrawal Treatment

After the evaluation process, addiction sufferers will be ready to begin medical detox. During this part of opiate withdrawal treatment, the individual will be carefully weaned off the opiate in question during a process known as medical detox. Detoxification severs the individual’s physical dependency on the drug; however, even after the person is “clean,” they are still likely to experience cravings. Rehab medical caregivers may provide medications that can reduce cravings and also reduce the withdrawal symptoms that often arise during the detox process.

Once detox has been completed, recovering individuals will require therapies designed to help them overcome the mental and behavioral dependencies associated with opiate addiction. In individual and group counseling, recovering people will learn how to manage the triggers that have historically compelled them to use and abuse addictive substances and also learn how to prevent relapse. Additionally, your Tampa inpatient opiates rehab may offer alternative addiction treatments like art therapy or equine therapy, which can also support recovery.

At WhiteSands Treatment, people addicted to heroin or other opioids can get opiate withdrawal treatment and other therapies designed to help them manage their addiction and achieve long-term sobriety. While there are many opiate treatment options, it’s important for sufferers to select an inpatient program that allows them to focus exclusively on their recovery. With quality inpatient treatment at WhiteSands Treatment, addiction sufferers can overcome their dependencies on drugs and safeguard their future health.

If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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