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Addiction affects the mind in ways that make it hard for addicts to grasp the seriousness of their habit. Nevertheless, often, this isn’t the reason many addicts refuse treatment. Often, such people have seen their friends go through a revolving door of rehab and relapse time and again. They simply lose faith in rehab for this reason. The reason is often not hard to find — there is little quality control when it comes to rehab. It is the rare rehab that offers treatment by professionals who really care. If you need treatment, and have been looking for a dependable Jay local drug rehab, there are things that you should keep in mind.

The Question of Certification

Organizations such as CARF and the Joint Commission audit and certify rehabs on various criteria — programs that follow accepted science, personalized treatment, dual diagnosis treatment and so on. When a program has certification, it proves a minimum level of quality followed.

Nevertheless, certification, by itself, is no guarantee of quality. There is at least one rehab program in the country that is not science-based, and that still has CARF certification. It’s important to see certification as nothing more than a starting point in the search for a quality Jay local drug rehab.

Look for Success Rates

Calling up the local drug treatment centers on your list to ask about their rates of success or failure is an important step to take when determining the quality of a rehab center.

To begin, it’s important to look at which patients are counted. Some centers will ignore altogether patients who quit their programs partway. A program that is unable to retain patients can hardly be called successful.

Many rehabs will attempt to inflate their figures by quoting as successes, every patient they have, completing detox. Others will only look at patients for a short time after they complete detox, to check for possible relapse.

It is worthwhile remembering that most people who attempt to rehab relapse at end of the first year. To be meaningful, stated success rates must demonstrate freedom from relapse for at least two years.

Look for Specific Expertise

While there is a great deal that’s common among addictions to various substances, no one kind of treatment works on every addiction. Not only do addiction specialists need experience with treatment for the specific addictive substance used by each patient, therapists offering long-term therapy need drug-specific experience, as well. It’s never a good idea to simply sign up to rehab because it has a good general reputation. Success with rehab for one drug does not often translate to success with another.

Look for Inpatient Programs

For most people seeking treatment, outpatient programs are the first choice. These programs tend to be affordable, and to be easy to follow, because they come with little monitoring and supervision, and require no lengthy commitment. These programs often are only equipped to help highly motivated patients with mild addictions, however. For complex addictions and addictions involving low levels of motivation, it’s best to try an inpatient program, one that offers care and supervision by experts 24 hours a day. A search for inpatient drug rehab near me should be a good start.

In Jay, local drug rehab centers do offer quality. It’s important to do your job researching good care, however. Expertise, experience and long-term success rates do matter.

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