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Twelve-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous have, for decades, been a popular way of recovering from addiction. Many scientific studies have shown that they help some people, and millions have attended these programs and worked their way through the steps. There is considerable criticism, however, as well. With these programs, one of the most controversial areas lies in their religious nature. Requiring patients to pray doesn’t work for many people. Poor levels of success for women, and a lack of focus on the medical nature of the addiction disorder, all work against 12-step programs, as well.

For those who look for an alternative to a regular rehab as well as 12-step programs, there is one that receives considerable research support. It’s called the SMART Recovery program.

What Is SMART Recovery?

SMART Recovery is an addiction recovery framework that is only available at about 1,000 locations around the country, a number that makes it a hundredth the size of AA. Nevertheless, when you search for SMART Recovery Tampa, you find there are programs available in important locations.

SMART Recovery plans are presented as scientific, meaning that there are designed to evolve as knowledge of the science builds. These programs offer treatment based on several well-established approaches — a form of cognitive-behavioral therapy called rational emotive behavior therapy, motivational interviewing and so on. Using these methods, SMART Recovery meetings take participants along a four-step or four-point process– the building of motivation, the learning of coping skills to use against urges, the building of problem-solving techniques, and the learning of lifestyle changes.

SMART Recovery vs AA SMART Recovery Tampa

One of the primary challenges for recovering addicts tends to be finding programs that offer an alternative to the difficulties that they face at AA and other 12-step programs. If you’re looking for programs that offer SMART Recovery, Tampa, then you are likely interested in knowing how exactly such programs might be different.

Exclusivity: While 12-step programs demand that participants look to no other program type to augment what they offer, SMART Recovery programs require no such pledge of allegiance.

Flexibility: SMART Recovery programs evolve in line with research findings. Since 12-step programs have religious overtones, however, they are considered more or less complete. Regular reconsiderations and changes are not practiced.

Room for personal beliefs: Twelve-step programs require participants to put their faith in God, to accept their own powerlessness and so on. Participants are required to go along with these positions whether they truly feel them or not. This is not the way SMART Recovery works, however. Whether participants wish to accept religion is entirely up to them.

Acceptance: While a great many medical and psychological organizations do not accept the validity of 12-step programs, SMART programs are recognized by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Institute of on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, The American Academy of Family Physicians and so on.

Anonymity: Many addicts in need of treatment tend to be unhappy about the prospect of physically attending meetings where they come out in the open about their problems. SMART Recovery programs offer an excellent solution – anonymous participation online.

Success Rates

One of the first six areas of success seen with SMART Recovery comes from the program’s ability to bring in participants. Twelve-step programs, with their rigid positions, tend to drive participants away. When it comes to actual success rates of those who participate, however, SMART Recovery programs truly shine. While there are no direct studies that attempt to prove the effectiveness of this method, there is considerable indirect support in the form of recognition by various government departments of health. There is considerable scientific support for the techniques used, as well.

The best ways to test SMART Recovery programs, Tampa, would be to go audit a few. A little effort is all it takes.


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