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Resistance to rehab treatment is common among those addicted. While unwillingness to accept treatment is a feature of many mental disorders, addicts usually do have an additional reason — they tend to see little improvement in friends accepting treatment. If you’re looking at Everglades City rehab clinics, it’s something you need to keep in mind — what can you do to make sure that you find a rehab that actually does help?

Follow the Science

The first thing to do is to read. Addiction tends to be a mystery to many. Lack of knowledge can get in the way of an ability to find effective treatment. Rehab treatment is different from regular medical treatment, in that there is less standardization in evidence. It’s possible to find a treatment that is incomplete, obsolete or simply unscientific. Reading popular and well-written books on addiction science can make for an excellent start.

When you look for Everglades City rehab clinics, it’s important to keep in mind the basic course that successful rehab must always take: assessment, the creation of an individual treatment plan, detox and rehab. When a treatment program leaves anyone of these steps out, it is bound to fail.

Assessment and Planning

When treatment is offered carelessly, there will simply be generic treatments offered to all patients. This is an approach that is bound to fail. Not only does addiction to different kinds of drug require different kinds of treatment, different people on the same kind of drug often require different treatment courses, as well. If you are about to approach an Everglades City heroin rehab, you need to make sure that the rehab performs detailed individual assessments to determine the mental and physical health of each patient. Once there is enough information gathered, rehab should put together a personalized treatment plan that is subject to constant updating.


Detox is the first stage of actual treatment. Since most cases of rehab addiction are complicated by the presence of mental and physical disorders, inpatient treatment works best. Constant supervision, support and treatment are important.

In detox, the patient is gradually tapered off, with medications administered to painlessly address the cravings and withdrawal symptoms felt. It is a critical stage of treatment. Detox is frequently complicated by life-threatening conditions, especially for drugs such as alcohol and heroin. Close monitoring and careful treatment that anticipates complications is important.


Detox helps bring addicts out of physical addiction. When detox concludes with a few weeks of treatment, the patient no longer experiences withdrawal symptoms. Psychological attachment to drugs still exists at this stage, however. Heroin and alcohol, especially, tend to come with very powerful cravings that show up unexpectedly.

While there is no medicine that can help this situation, there are therapeutic approaches that are very effective. Treatments such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing can be vital. It’s important to remember is that those who skip rehab after detox or fail to fully engage, relapse within months.

Everglades City Best Drug Rehab Programs Available

You should be much more effective when you head into your search for the best Everglades city rehab clinics when you are armed with the ideas mentioned here. Quality treatment for addiction shouldn’t be a matter of luck. It should be about learning how to find the best treatment and putting your knowledge into practice. When you do this, achieving sobriety shouldn’t be hard.

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