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If you are a resident of Pinecrest and have been struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction, you need a Pinecrest detox treatment center. For all serious addictions, including pain killer addiction, alcoholism, heroin addiction, and cocaine addiction, drug addiction detox is essential for full recovery.

With that being said, many individuals who are struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse fear drug addiction detox. Unfortunately, this is a main reason why those who need treatment the most will never seek help at a Pinecrest detox treatment center.

It’s important to debunk the myth that detoxification or detox is a terrible experience and that it actually could be worse than addiction itself. This is not true, and fear of detox should never stop you from seeking professional help for a drug or alcohol addiction problem. To help you understand this better, let’s explore what actually happens at a Pinecrest detox center and how detox can be integral to your full recovery from addiction.

What Is Detox?

You’ve heard the word detox associated with drug addiction rehabilitation, but what is it actually? Detox is short for detoxification. It is the initial phase of basically all serious drug rehabilitation programs. It comes first because it is most important. Detox is the period of time in which alcohol or drugs are taken out of your body. There are absolutely no alcohol or drugs allowed when it comes to detox.

Naturally, this scares a lot of people. The reason that it scares a lot of people is that drug addicts and alcoholics know that withdrawal symptoms set in when you stop taking your substance of choice. For example, if you are an alcoholic and you stop drinking alcohol abruptly, you will almost immediately experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms associated with alcoholism include nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, tremors and shaking, hallucinations, and other painful and uncomfortable symptoms.

No one wants to go through this. But there are two important things to remember here:

#1: Sometimes, withdrawal symptoms can be reduced or eliminated.

The first thing to know about detox and withdrawal symptoms is that you don’t necessarily have to go through the full terribleness of withdrawal if you attend medically monitored detox.

In medically monitored detox, doctors who are trained in medical detox will monitor your comfort levels as well as your vital signs to ensure that you are safe and comfortable throughout your withdrawal experience. In many cases, they can take away the symptoms of withdrawal completely, or at the very least, they can reduce them.

#2: There’s no way around drug detox if you want to recover from drug addiction or alcoholism.

Second most important thing to remember about drug detox is that there’s no way around it. This made the hard to swallow, but going through detox prior to professional rehab treatment is absolutely essential if you want to get sober.

Finding a Pinecrest Detox Treatment Center

If you’re ready to get sober and find a Pinecrest detox treatment center, you’re already off to a great start. For Pinecrest residents, the best Pinecrest detox center for residents looking for it, will always be White Sands Treatment Center.

At White Sands Treatment Center, we have the best, top-of-the-line facilities in the area, and we know how to cater detox programs to the individual so that you can feel comfortable and at-home at all times. After detox, we offer full therapy and counseling that also caters to your unique needs.



If you or a loved one needs help with abuse and/or treatment, please call the WhiteSands Treatment at (877) 855-3470. Our addiction specialists can assess your recovery needs and help you get the addiction treatment that provides the best chance for your long-term recovery.

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