Evidence Someone is Shooting Up Ice

Don’t be silent if you spot evidence someone is shooting up Ice

Methamphetamine, a stimulant with highly addictive qualities, is commonly used in two forms — as the pure-form drug known by the street name ice, and a more powerful version known on the street as speed. Shooting up ice or speed can create a rush of powerful euphoria and energy that lasts as long as six hours. Being easily available and being easy to produce at home with ingredients commonly available at any home, it is a highly dangerous drug. Once addiction to meth forms, the habit can be very difficult to kick. When a person begins shooting up ice, then, one of the best things that anyone could do for them would be to learn about it as early as possible, and find them help. Learning how to recognize the behavioral or physical signs of shooting up can save lives. What follows is an introduction to ideas that can help you. Should you ever recognize the signs in a loved one, all you would ever need to do would be to call helpful meth addiction experts at White Sands Treatment. Keep an eye out for evidence someone is shooting up ice

Keep an eye out for meth paraphernalia

If you’re wondering about how to tell if someone is injecting drugs or using them in any other way, you should try Looking for items commonly applied and drug use. It might be possible to spy a little spilled white meth powder or bits of ice that look like broken glass. It’s also possible to melt ice; it tends to turn into a yellow liquid. Other tools of the meth user include lighters, matches, syringes, glass tubes, and aluminum, either in foil form or in the form of empty soda cans with punched holes.

Sometimes, it makes sense to look for signs of strange new items around the home. It’s possible to cook up meth at home with the chemicals found in over-the-counter products like the decongestant Sudafed. If there are many empty bottles of cough syrup, it’s a sign, as well. Chemical smells around the house, and substances like drain cleaner and battery acid where they do not belong, are all possible clues.

Changes in the person

Looking for new physical or behavioral signs can be one of the best ways to know when a person is shooting up ice. There are many physical signs of shooting up meth that one could learn to recognize. A person doing this is likely to be suffer from muscular twitchiness and hyperactivity. They tend to not want much sleep or food, as well, and to look gaunt and haggard as a result. Dark undereye circles, poor personal hygiene, sweatiness, skin sores or scratches, an odd shape to the nose and poor oral health are all signs as well. Sometimes, the behavioral changes caused by meth use are noticeable even before the physical symptoms become apparent. Disorganized thinking, anxiety, nervousness, paranoia and repetitive behavior, are all signs frequently seen.

Finding help

When a loved one appears to shooting up ice, the best thing to do is to talk to them to try to get them to admit to the habit. Then, it’s important to begin planning for treatment. When a user seems unwilling to accept treatment, it should be a good idea to seek the help of a professional interventionist. With a professional helping plan the way a conversation with an addicted person will go, chances are excellent the user will accept treatment.

Call the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at White Sands Treatment at 877.855.3470 for help and advice today. Addiction may seem scary at first; when you act quickly and accept the guidance of a professional, however, it can turn out to be completely manageable.

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