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WhiteSands Treatment is opiate addiction treatment near Callahan that can help you restore your health, your quality of life, and your sense of well-being.

Opiate addiction takes a major toll on your health, your mind, and your spirit. You probably know how bad heroin and prescription painkillers are for your health, and that probably just stresses you out even more, which helps to keep you addicted. That’s because good intentions and willpower are rarely enough to end an addiction, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. It’s also because stress is a powerful motivator to keep using drugs. Ending an addiction for the long-term almost always requires professional help, and opiate addiction treatment at WhiteSands Treatment has a proven track record for helping scores of individuals kick their opiate addiction for good and find purpose and meaning in life.

Why Are Opiates So Addictive?

Opiates produce intense euphoria and a keen sense of wellbeing. A memory of this pleasure is recorded by the memory center of the brain each time you use, and the learning center makes a connection between the opiate use and the pleasure. Although not everyone who uses opiates will become addicted, some people will begin to experience powerful cravings that drive them to continue seeking out the drug.

Addiction is characterized by continuing to use a substance even though it’s causing problems in your life. These may be related to health, finances, relationships, or legal status, or they may stem from the risks you take while seeking out opiates or while under their influence. Addiction is very complex, and ending one for good typically requires intensive therapy through high-quality opiate addiction treatment.

Opiate Dependence

Dependence is not the same thing as addiction. Dependence is characterized by withdrawal symptoms that set in when you stop using a substance.

Dependence develops as the result of tolerance. Tolerance builds up as you continue using a substance because your brain tries to compensate for the presence of opiates by changing the way it functions chemically. At some point, brain function may reach a tipping point wherein it operates more “normally” under the influence of opiates. Then, when you stop using, withdrawal symptoms set in as normal brain function rebounds.

For many people, the prospect of withdrawal is enough to keep them using opiates, and for many others, going through withdrawal sends them right back to using, if only to end the discomfort.

Treating Opiate Dependence

Treating an opiate dependence is the first step of opiate addiction treatment. Dependence is treated in one of two ways: opiate detox or medication-assisted treatment.

Opiate detox

Medical detox for opiates is supervised by medical and mental health professionals and involves administering medications to reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. It can also reduce the amount of time it takes to detox. However, intense cravings will continue once detox is complete, but addiction treatment will help you cope with them.

Medication-assisted treatment

For those with a severe opiate addiction or a history of multiple relapses, medication-assisted treatment offers the best chances of long-term recovery, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Medicated-assisted treatment involves replacing heroin or opiate painkillers with a less psychoactive synthetic opiate that prevents the onset of withdrawal symptoms and cravings altogether. This allows you to focus on recovery instead of on cravings.

Treating Opiate Addiction

Opiate addiction is far more complex than dependence and requires intensive therapy through Callahan opiate rehab. A holistic approach to treatment offers the best outcomes. This type of approach utilizes both traditional and complementary therapies to help you learn healthier ways of thinking, address your unique issues and needs, find purpose and meaning in life, and develop the essential skills you need to prevent a relapse.

Treatment Works

If you’re looking for Callahan opiate rehab options, consider WhiteSands Treatment. Our holistic approach helps you address issues of body, mind, and spirit for whole-person healing and a higher quality of life.




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